LOW THC no paranoia strain

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Apr 18, 2016
@TheJesus I've been searching, on and off, for quite some time for options with low tolerance to cannabis. This doesn't sound like your case but hear me out. This is what I've gathered. If I'm wrong on any account, feel free to enlighten me...anyone.

It's well known that thc is the primary cannabanoid, in terms of pain relief. Yes, others are showing their own medicinal values but, thc is the primary pain reliever. The problem for "me" (my mother) is the reaction from thc. Appropriate dosing for relief is to much.
I stumbled on a thread by CajunCelt on another forum, for fighting cancer with cannabis, which is my primary goal. It truly was a goldmine of info.

Now my point. You can make capsules and take high doses of thc with little side effects. The [HASHTAG]#1[/HASHTAG] recommend way is via suppositories, although not entirely necessary.

Bioavailability is the key.
You will get up to 90% of the meds when taken in capsules, with cannabis oil, carrier oil & liquid lecithen. As apposed to 10- 20%, with other oral consumptions.

You want to take some competitive inhibitors, apigenin and amentoflavone, 30- 40 min. before dosing.
These will keep your liver enzymes busy, while the cannabanoids are metabolized away slower. It is also suggested to consume some fat, e.i. coconut oil 30- 40 min. before dosing.

Although this is meant for cancer treatment, it has helped my mother considerably, with pain. She is also, a recovering opiate addict

Anyway, I hope you find what you need. Nobody should have to settle on lining big pharma pockets.



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Jan 19, 2016
If you ever get access to gumbi that's a high cbc low thc strain, ac/dc is another strain good for avoiding paranoia and getting blitzed out of your mind
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Dec 7, 2012
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I recently have been free of the opiate demon for my terrible knee pain. However I find with the high thc strains I have tremendous feelings of guilt or paranoia when smoking them. They work for my pain but I have so much guilt and fear when using them. I am looking for a strain that wont do this to me mentally and still help with my pain. I also always have a bear of a time getting beans stateside. I wish our country was not so up tight and now with orange hitler in office I am so scared that I will be in pain or back on the damn opiates that I weened myself from over the period of 6 months. Please help me AFN folks. I have been around for years on this site and have had some very generous people help me in the past. I come and go it seems most likely from me using opiates and loosing interest in canna but I cannot and will not go back on opiates again for my pain. They make me mean and hurtful towards those I love and I feel so isolated while using them.
I would suggest medium (12-16%) for smoking/vapeing . I'd try indica heavy(especially Affy)strains for oil. Sometimes we can't control what our imagination 'suggests to us' when its' stimulated...best of luck on your quest buddy:karmacloud: sent for an easier path, take care and best wishes!:passit: :meds: :peace:
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