Mad Dragons F1 ( Frost Dragon x Madness)

  • Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.
Cannabis Seeds


Mar 9, 2014
Great update and beautiful plants like always. I really wish I had some outdoor space to work with
Thanks brother. I really appreciate your kind words. I am very blessed to have the outdoor space that I do, to work with. I didnt have any outdoor space at all for a while. I am very greatful =).

Whooowee they look purrrrteeeee:vibe:
haha, hey! Thanks my man. I appreciate you stoppin by, and dropping off some compliments. Cheers my friend!