Magic Vs The Elvis

Who Won This Epic Battle?

  • The Elvis

    Votes: 58 56.3%
  • Magic

    Votes: 45 43.7%

  • Total voters


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Nov 19, 2015
It would be nice to know where the photos are !
Full plant pics on PAGE 23 and bud pre/post chop on PAGE 21.

Personally im going to go with @Magic since i love the purple and it has the same structure as the plants i just did for my first time around.

Not that @The Elvis did not do a super job... I would love to have some sweet little plants that could produce some nice quality bud like that but i can just relate to Magic a bit more at this high time. :pass:

I actually missed alot of this due to being MIA a bit and only worked my way back to the pages i mentioned above haha!

I guess it might be partial without going through it all but no time for it and going to vote while i can/think about it.

Ive been through both their journals time and time again and even some of their random posts have been helpful so no favorites there!

If we could all vote twice we would be tied im sure lol!

-Grow on folks!

(Very high with the Lemon.....)