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Mainlining and Manifolding Auto's


Unmundane in the Membrane
Dec 13, 2019
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In order to not keep making the same mistakes, I'm looking for some opinions here. This is day 37. Preflowers showed up a few days ago. I told myself a few days ago that I'm going to stop removing lower growth and let her focus energy on the main colas (I've since removed as little more) ..but I'm not exactly sure when to stop removing lower growth and when to just let the mains begin growing upwards. This is what I've got so far and I'm inclined to just let her be from here on. Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
I harvested my first mainlined plant this morning. I didn't bother with a wet weight but think I probably got around 2 ounces once dry. I've since moved the next girl into the center arena and once again I'm hoping that I haven't taken off too much under the 4 mains. I'm still a little uneasy when it comes to being able to visualize the final structure as the plant develops. Based on what I saw from this morning's harvest, it seems like I should stop removing growth once the mains are where I'd like them to be. I've indicated in the photos where I think I should have stopped on this girl. Does anyone else agree or am I doing things alright already?