Mars Hydro August Giveaway -- Mars Pro II Epistar 160

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Marshydro sales rep
AFN Authorized Vendor
Jan 12, 2015
Hey whats up AFN growers ! Mars Hydro here again!:vibe:

We've been giving away SP and TS in previous campaigns, and I've seen a lot of growers using them. We've been doing summer sales, Mars II, Pro II and COB have 15%-20%discount. So I decided that the prize is one Mars Pro II Epistar 160.:headbang:

I hope more growers can see how this light works and will enjoy the growing on the forum.

What the winner needs to be capable of: (IMPORTANT )
- Have growing experience at least 1 years.
- Will post a journal here which is under the Mars Pro II Epistar 160.

Rules to join: (IMPORTANT )
- Post under this thread:"If I win the Mars Pro II Epistar 160, I will xxx " , add a picture of your growing you think that can prove you have good growing skills. (Each member can post at most 3 times)
- Time: From Aug. 15~ Aug 25.
- The winner will be chosen by everyone, who can vote for two growers. The vote time: From Aug. 26~ Aug 28

I know most of you are waiting for this, so what do you waiting for, the party is started