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Auto Warrior
Jun 20, 2016
Heya All...
I have room in the closet and budget ( soon ) for one more light to fill in a little space.
I have boiled it down to these two options.
The MARS II 400w -
  • Net Dimensions:340*340*90mm/13*13*3.5inches
  • Led Brand:Epistar(HI-LED)High Intensity
  • Led Quantity of each Panel:80LEDs
  • Led View Angle:90/120 mixed
  • Elektro Data
  • Net Weight:6KG/PC
  • Suitable Volatage:AC85~265V
  • Amp:1.473A/110V, 0.78A/220V
  • Power Consumption:110V: 177W+-5%/220V: 173.9W+-5%
  • Lighting Data
  • Lumen:8914lm+-5%
  • Coverage:3*3ft( Veg), 2.5*2.5ft(Flowering)
  • Lifespan:50000-100000hours
  • Spectrum:430~440nm, 450~475nm, 620~630nm 650~670nm,White, Real Infrared spectrum: 730nm
The Roleadro 400W COB -
  • LED ration: FULL SPECTRUM. Size: 11.4*6.9*3.3 inch
  • This full spectrum grow lights simulate sun spectrum to provide lighting which is conducive to plants growth. Proper ratio from 380nm blue to 780nm red, UV and IR contains, the light wave curve simulates the shape of the solar spectrum. Ideal for agricultural greenhouses, agricultural research institutes, agricultural ecological park, indoor, hydroponic and greenhouse plants.
  • Our factory has 8 years' researching and producing LED grow lights with the largest workshop and laboratory, we have innovated kinds of brand-new lights, this plants grow light is the newest innovation. Our factory made a lot improvements on chip ratio which is more suitable for various kinds of plants growth.
  • Unique COB(chip on board) and reflector design. COB has smaller resistance, larger cooling area, better lighting efficiency, higher luminous. Reflector controls light distance and light area, with the function of condensation, reducing light loss and improving the utilization of light.
Apparently the COB does everything the Mars II does at a smaller cost... Having 2 MARS Older 300w I was interested in staying with Mars but this COB looks great.
Any informative ideas?


Auto Warrior
Jul 8, 2016
One CXB3590 give you 8900 lm at 50 W, efficiency at 56%. Coverage is around 40x40 cm.
I doubt these LED lights from ebay gives you more than 40% PAR W.

Just saying... :yay:


Auto Warrior
Jul 14, 2016
the 400w cob, hands down, no question about it, I use 2 of them in a 4'x2' tent, and they aren't a cree cxb3590, I'm not saying they are but they are MUCH better than a 3w or a 5w mono chip panel, the draw at the wall is about 185-190w but they are good panels, I'm on my 7th grow still no probs, have more than paid for themselves