May have ruined a bunch of shatter.


Auto Warrior
Sep 17, 2018
I got a mini fridge just for storing shatter and my seeds.
It looked clean and smelled clean. But after 3 days in there, the shatter developed a horrible taste. It still smells like good shatter. But my friend described it as "tasting like diapers". Although I've never tasted diapers, it sounds accurate.

I was a pretty good size chunk too. I think I may have majorly fucked up. I currently have it all spread out out in the open. I tried that with a portion of it already, but 3 days sitting out didn't help at all.

I just put it all out and am going to have the ceiling fan going. I'd let it air out for as long as it took to get rid of that awful taste. But I'm afraid I passed the point of no return on that :(