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Meizhi 300w Reflector Series


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Sep 3, 2018
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Hi all, just a quick review to give you all a heads up on the build quality and performance of this light. I’ve used this in both Veg and Bloom and what I can say is that both settings will do what is intended. In my humble opinion though you’d be better off using both veg and bloom from the start.
My first plant using only the veg setting left me with a plant that did stretch slightly but nothing too drastic. My second plant (which is still going) had both switches turned on from the start and she is short and very,very bushy, growth exploding all over the place. Whilst this is good, she cannot penetrate the canopy well enough to provide light to those areas under the uppermost leaves which is a shame as it means that growth is going to be there but small/slow to grow.
In the box you will receive, the main lighting unit, power cable, wire for hanging and a couple of clips for attaching to your chosen method of hanging.
On first glance the unit seems very well made for the price and not too heavy, she’s very bright too! The fans aren’t silent but aren’t loud enough to cause any real annoyance. When it comes to heat, we’ll, I feel nothing, nada, zilch, zero heat when placing my hand on the main unit.
There is, of course, heat when placing my hand under the lights themselves but nothing outrageous.
Overall I’m very happy with this light, seems very solidly constructed and the switches are nice and firm with a good “click” when you press them, Although the plastic is a bit cheap feeling. It also has a socket on the back for daisy chaining which is pretty handy if you plan on adding more light as you go.
All in all - It’s excellent value for money in my opinion with my only regret being not buying the more powerful version. You can easily grow a plant from start to finish with this light and probably manage two small or even two medium sized plants if your strapped for cash.

Brand of LED: MEIZHI

Price of the led : £60

Delivery cost: £0

What size was the grow space :80x80x180cm

Spectrum used: White,450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~670nm


Customer service rating..1-5: CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS GOOD 3.5/5

Wattage of the LED (Actual power Draw): 139w

Optics used : REFLECTORS 90/120 DEGREE MIXED, 60 L.E.D’s TOTAL

Build quality: GOOD

Warranty length : 3 YEARS

Any noticeable plant deficiencies : YES, BUT DUE TO PH ISSUES, NOT LIGHTING

Value for Money Rating..1-5: 3.5/5

Addition info : SEE ABOVE ^^^^

Link to your AFN grow: SEE MY SIGNATURE

Link to where it was bought : CHECK EBAY, AMAZON OR ALI

So, there we have it. Hope you found out what you needed to know! It’s a great budget friendly light that’ll get the job done. Doesn’t need it’s own nuclear power plant to run it either and so far has done well regarding my electricity bill.
Keep your eyes peeled for another review of a new cob light that’s on its way!!


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