Mephisto 2nd Leg Starts May 1st (Signup and Battle)

  • Good morning everyone! So I spent the day installing and upgrading a new add-on for AFN that effects our vendor and breeder forums. It's the same setup that we are using on High of the Tiger, but we didn't realize it would effect members a bit differently here on how it's been received.

    The major benefit of the add-on is that it allows breeders/vendors a global calendar (that they add their own events to,) a group media gallery, group discussion area, an information/about tab, and a few other goodies that should make the experience overall a better one.

    One major caveat to point out, the new groups (where you see the overlay) unfortuantely *REQUIRE* you to join them in order to post in them. This is done by design of the software (and I understand why,) however it's been requested to see if we can circumvent this somehow. I will inquire to the developer to see if it's an option available or one that can be added to future versions. So to be clear, you MUST JOIN the group to be able to post and reply, even if your existing threads were there before. We apologize for this minor inconvenience but it's a one-time deal and then it's back to business :-)
  • Hey we're testing out our new Raffle/Giveaway software and wanted to invite you all to try it out with us for a chance to win a Smokin' Screws pipe screen!

    This will be for USA-based growers only (to start,) and the only requirements are 25 minimum post count to put in an entry (which you can do once per hour!)

    Click Here to Enter!
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Feb 5, 2017
Mephisto 2nd Leg Battle

Standard Battle Rules apply

Rules of Engagement for Growbattles 2019 .

Growbattles will be Open to All Challengers.

Sponsored Growbattles..where the Vendor provides the product will require a 50 post count to be considered.

The Official [HASHTAG]#growbattles[/HASHTAG] will have 2 legs/entry levels

The first leg will start 1st February 2019..finish poll date 1st May 2019

The second leg will start 1st May 2019..finish poll date 1st August 2019

[HASHTAG]#bookspaceinyourgrowroom[/HASHTAG] NOW..........:headbang:

There will be a two week germ period prior to the official start date.

A Battle code will be released by @Ripper 2 weeks prior to the Battle start date to be included in your germ photo

No entries will be accepted after the Battle start date..

Final pictures will include the full pot and plant. On the pot will be a 3x5 card or piece of paper with the growers name finish date and a specialized password that will be given by Ripper just prior to the grower taking final pictures.
Final Code will be Meph2 (date you harvest)

Growers may grow however many plants they want but must choose their competition plant at the 30 day mark of the competition.

Mephisto Grower of the Year 2018 was Won by @Yorztrulee ...with a Northern Cheese Haze..

Must have germ pic on or before official start date May. 1st with your germ process (soak, paper towel, rooter plug, direct planted, etc) with username, date, and the code Meph2 5/1 written on something in the pic.
Week 1 updates May 1st - 7th (Germ for those that didn't start early and Week 1)
Week 2 updates May 8th - 14th
Week 3 updates May 15th - 21st
Week 4 updates May 22nd - 28th
Plant Choice May 31st -June 1st This is the Week 5 Update.
Week 6 updates June 5th - 11th
Week 7 updates June 12th - 18th
Week 8 updates June 19th - 25th
Week 9 updates June 26th - July 2nd
Week 10 updates July 3rd - 9th
Week 11 updates July 10th - 16th
Week 12 updates July 17th - 23rd
Final Pics Due July 24th

1) @Only1Sky germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9wk10wk11wk12harv
Mephisto BlueToof
2) @Steviestash germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9wk10harvest
Mephisto SODK
3) @STILLSMOKIN germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7harvest
Mephisto GhostToof
4) @bluntz germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8 harvest
Mephisto Double Grape
5) @ColoradoDreaming420 germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7 harvest
Mephisto WhiteChem

6) @hunter2348 out
7) @Kya Knight out

8) @Fitzy germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8 harvest
Mephisto hubbasquach x 24carat
9) @Beerhunter CDN germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9wk10wk11harv
Mephisto Skywalker
10) @LordGreenWood germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9wk10wk11harv
Mephisto GrapeWalterKush

11) @Dabber germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7
Mephisto Hubbabubba Haze
12) @Prophetiko germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7harvest
Mephisto Tyrone Stomper

13) @IzzyTheGrower germ wk2wk3wk4wk5out
Mephisto Sams Crack

14) @bhaskara_phoenix germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7 harvest
Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets
15) @SOOTDAWG germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9wk101k11harv
Mephisto Blue Toof Special pheno

16) @johnp540 germ wk2 out
17) @Need4Weed germ wk2 out

18) @Tetra9 germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7
Mephisto Double Grape
19) @Cotton46 germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6drop
Mephisto Sour Stomper
20) @slowandeasy germ wk2wk3wk4wk5drop

21) @Anonymousgardener420 germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk9harvest
Mephisto Chemdogging
22) @Iriee Vibez germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6wk7wk8wk9wk10wk11wk12harv
Mephisto BlueToof special pheno

23) @beavis germ wk2wk3wk4wk5wk6harvest
Mephisto Double Grape

24) @TheArchitect germ wk2wk3wk4wk5out
Mephisto Double Grape
25) @jb_moviefan germ out
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Feb 5, 2017
Come One Come All. Signup here if you'd like to partake in the 2nd Leg of the Battle.

There will be a 2 week pre-germ that you can start on April 17th a code will issues prior to include with your germ photo.

I'll be doing the same as the other battle and copying your update posts to your Individual Threadmarks so all can follow along on your weekly journey.


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Feb 23, 2017
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Oh yes, you know it. Please sign me up. :woody:

I dropped two Blue Toof [HASHTAG]#29s[/HASHTAG] on April 17 (page 5). Alas, one didn't germinate, so I'd like to fill its space, and keep the successful Toof company by dropping a Double Grape today. Here's today's drop photo, and also a view of the Blue Toof from yesterday, her day 2:

Week 1 update anyway. Its day 15 for the Blue Toof and day 10 for the Double Grape. :toke:

Week 2. Its day 22 for the Blue Toof and day 17 for the Double Grape. AirDomes are on, but both still being lightly top-fed with AN cocktail of
Sensi GROW A/B, B52, Rhino Skin & Voodoo Juice.

Week 3. Its day 29 for the Blue Toof and day 24 for the Double Grape. AirDomes and reservoir in play, although two days ago they got top-fed .5 ltr of ReCharge and SLF-100. Now back on AutoPot reservoir loaded with Advanced Nutrients (Sensi GROW A&B, B52, Rhino Skin, Voodoo Juice, Sensizyme) plus Liquid W-8 and cal/mag.

Week 4. Its day 37 for the Blue Toof and day 32 for the Double Grape. All is well. 1st is Blue Tooth on left; 2nd is Double Grape on right.

Week 5 & BattlePlant Choice. I choose the Blue Toof. :thumbsup: :d5:

Week 6 update. Blue Tooth Illuminauto [HASHTAG]#29[/HASHTAG] on day 48 and standing at 28.5". Currently drinking a reservoir cocktail of Sensi Bloom A&B, Sensizyme, B52, Liquid W-8, Massive, Mammoth-P and Cal/Mag

Week 7 update. Blue Tooth Illuminauto [HASHTAG]#29[/HASHTAG] on day 55. No changes to light schedule or nutrient program. Some significant defoliation done today --- starting to get sticky and frosty. :smoking:

Week 8 and Week 9 updates got lost. Here they are again. First, week 8, posted on June 26; Blue Toof on day 64.

And here is week 9, posted on July 1 when she was 71 days old.

Week 10 update. Blue Tooth at day 78. :toke:

Week 11 update. BlueToof at day 83. :toke: Normally I'd be doing a lot of defoliating here, but she's so sticky and hard to get to in the autopot at the rear of the tent, that I just have been letting her do her thing.

Week 12 update. BlueToof Illuminauto [HASHTAG]#29[/HASHTAG] at day 91. :toke: Getting real close now. Took her off the reservoir of AN nutes a few days ago and let things dry out a bit. Today she got a liter of GreenPlanet DENSE. Very sticky. Strong terpene smell -- pine and a bit of citrus.

Final POLL Picture. BlueToof Illuminauto [HASHTAG]#29[/HASHTAG] at day 93. :toke:

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Feb 22, 2018
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I'm in to

week 1 update

week2 update around 18 days old

week3 update been feeding mc2.0 1/2tsp per gallon sc1/4tsp calmag 3 ml under optic2 2gl pot coco perlite

week4 update

week5 SODK

week 6 update had to pull her out to get some pics it's tight in my tent now been giving her MC2.0 1/4 to 1/2 tsp 1/4 tsp SC odd time I'll add calma and rhizo blast she's around day 47

week 7 update

decided to chop her so here's the final pic

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Feb 20, 2018
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I'm in
germ Ghost toof, Forgotten Strawberries

Here will be one of the winners @bushmasterar15 wk1 check off.

wk2 update

Figure everyone would have just dropped out by now.... Oh well, maybe this will help.


Got a couple on ground in back..

Wk5 Ghost toof
@mephisto picked the biggest for this comp.

Love it when they level the canopy with light manipulation.


wk7 had to go and get pics early to show off what the mc and watering done.

Before watering...

After 750g MC and watering
Now that before image may look like a previous update but its not...

my final pic. Her buds are falling and I dont think she will look that good in another week.
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Jan 12, 2019
Sign me up!

Week one update. Call it a guess, but, I don't think Sour Livers will be my battle plant.

Week 2 Update

Sour Livers is a little mutant plant at 18 days. Still going to see it through.

Double Grape is real nice at 20 days and a front runner for my battle plant.

24 Carat at 20 days.

4 Assed Monkey at 20 days, another good candidate.

3 Bears OG is the first to show sex today. Like the structure of this plant.

SODK is my first experiment at LST... We will see how it goes together.
Week 3 Update

Sour Livers


Double Grape


24 Carat


week 4 update

24 Carat

4 Assed Monkey

3 Bears OG


Sour Livers

Double Grape

Weekly update and plant choice. I almost chose a different plant just because it looks like a few will be in this competition, but, I too will be picking my Double Grape. It was between this plant and a 24 Carat. I think it will have some real nice frost and bud size.

Week 6 check in. About 2 feet tall and all stretching seems over. Really getting some frost now.

week 7 update
The Double Grape is really frosty now and smells wonderful. Artificial grape, almost kool-aid, all the way.

my week 8 update. Day 62 for Double Grape. Looking at trichomes I think it has another week or two.

here is my harvest pic. Thanks again for all your hard work in these battles!
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Dec 3, 2018
Might as well count me in. Lets see if Air pots do better than smart pots. :)
2 White Chems in the running, both have been topped this evening. The first we are calling Plague Doctor was topped at the 4th node and has the purest most perfect roots I have ever seen. The 2nd one is named Pearl. She has been topped at the 5th node and had her bottom 2 nodes ( normally dont produce much) nodes removed. We have a litlle side by side action to see which on fruits more. Enjoy!

Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Roots


Week 2 Update! Girls are sitting at day 22 today. One is riding low and slow and the other is trying to branch out. Nice root growth so far. Im excited to see what they do.

week 3 update on the White Chems. They are at day 30 and I suppose they will start flowering this week. The one in the back is much more denser in foliage while the one in front is more spread out. Should be interesting to see the differences in quantity on the 2. Same seeds, same batch, same everything. They just are nothing alike right now though.

Here is a week 4 for the group. White Chem sitting at day 36.

week 5..... sounds right. Also D day to pick our plant I believe. Im going to share some pics..I hope you all dont mind. @bushmasterar15

First off. Here is my 2 White Chems... 2? Yes 2 plants filling out my 5x5! WTF! Thank you LST lol. Also topped at 4th node on one than 5th node on the other.

These gals are sitting at day 42 since they popped soil.... 24/7 light and on a strict MC2.0 Diet. Only supplement is some cal/mag.

Zero Defoliating... No reason. It does more bad than good with the exception if we run into mold or crowding issues....

Last but not least...My battle plant. Im going with the smaller guy in the back. While I am rather sure she will yield less. She has tighter nodes and spacing and I believe will be more picture friendly in the end.

Week 6 update. Just finishing up my new grow space.

Week 7 Update. The smaller one in the back is the battle plant. Maybe another 2-3 weeks on em. Than we will clean her up and see if I cant get some good pictures this time. Happy growing you all.

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Feb 5, 2017
How does this work to enter, does it have to be a Mephisto seed? Is a seed supplied?
This is just a Mephisto grow battle, we do have others (General, Lighting) that will be doing signups that you can run other Breeders. You supply your own on this. There is a few times where seeds are supplied in other breeder battles.