Mephisto Autos in DWC/Bubble buckets - how much longer compared to dirt?

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Auto Warrior
Sep 1, 2019
Usually do FFOF/Perlite/etc in 5-gal pots. First try at Bubble buckets with Strawberry Nuggetts and Ghost Toof.

From what I understand, Autos take a bit longer in DWC compared to soil. Not in a hurry, just curious here - does anybody have experience in this area? Curious how much longer I should expect these to go, partially because I may need to arrange some holiday plans around them if they do not finish in time. :) At day 65-ish right now, and they obviously have at least several weeks left. But anyway, just kinda seeking "general" thoughts from ya'll here, comparing auto time in soil vs dwc. Thanks in advance!


Auto Warrior
Aug 19, 2017
Most of my DWC autos take 12-14 weeks, and I've grown over 50 different auto strains.
I've never had one finish in less than 10 weeks.
Add about 2 weeks to the breeder's maximum seed to harvest time.