Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

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Jun 19, 2017
View attachment 1061285 View attachment 1061288 View attachment 1061285 View attachment 1061285 Guys, I need some Help! I had two HubbaBubba's going great as of last weekend. Today i checked them and they were completely burned up! All of the leave were dried, and brown to a crisp!

I did try adding some epsom salt and baking soda to my last water feeding, as i read it was near impossible to give them too much of these two things, but decided to chance it as an experiment! is this where i went wrong? ...Or could it just have been the heat?

I'm horrified to show a picture of it, very DEPRESSING :-( Any help is appreciated and i know this post might be better in a different section, but my Mephisto family is always best for advice.. Going to try and salvage some of the flower.. not real sure what to do :-( but obviously need to make some positive changes.. I did not have any such problems in previous grows.. same lights, etc.

Was it the epsom salt and baking soda, or the heat ?
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Apr 24, 2018
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I missed watering by a day or two my first grow and that happened to me-not as bad but the same-they lived and I still harvested. You in soil?