Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!


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Nov 12, 2018
3 sour cracks, 3 strawberry nugs, 1 sour liversXsour bubbly and as soon as my 4 ass monkeys show up, 2 will go into the last section of room. 4ams will be in my mailbox when I get home per tracking!!


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Dec 17, 2016
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Hello Farm Friends!

I apologize I have been away, seems I forgot my password :smoking:. Let me know if anyone needs help with anything!!

Few Updates for you:

Some of you have noticed that credit cards are working again! That's a big relief for us, and a lot of meph heads who depend on this type of payment option. We are still working out the kinks of the new system, but it looks like we are on track for Black Friday sale and release of the 4 new artisnals!

We are finishing up an updated version of our strain guide, I hope to have that ready for you before the before the end of the month. (Big thanks to a meph head for taking this project on)

We hope to finish 2019 with a bang, and are gearing up for one hell of a year in 2020!

Thank you guys for the continued support!
@stan_mephisto For the black Friday sale, do you know if all seeds will be on sale or just the new artisnals? Thanks!
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Jul 5, 2016
Hi Mephisto, I love your beans been running them exclusively for a few years now. I generally order from the main site and have always been really impressed with the freebies too, I've found some gems that way!

I put in my first order with the UK site recently and everything arrived as requested super fast so that's awesome! The only thing I'd suggest is that it might be nice to label the freebies as I now have a container full of random unlabeled genetics and I have no idea what they are. Im a medical user and I know your strains very well, some are great for me and some are less so and I only run two at a time so I can't really afford to take a punt on unlabeled beans. Im a bit gutted as I'm sure there are some amazing strains in there but they are no use to me if I don't know what they are!

Sorry for the mini rant, I love you guys and Im totally sorted with the beans I ordered so not a complaint as such, more a suggestion to label the freebies from the UK shop if possible?