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Mephisto Grower of the Year 2017 Competition..starts 1st September..book space in your Grow rooms.

This [HASHTAG]#mephistogrowbattle[/HASHTAG] open to All Challengers..:headbang:..all you Need is [HASHTAG]#mephisto[/HASHTAG] seed and the space/time to compete.

Individual Gladiators and Teams Welcome.


[HASHTAG]#Growbattles[/HASHTAG] starting 1st September Rules.

This is a 13 WEEK [HASHTAG]#growbattle[/HASHTAG]..please bear this in mind for both your cross choice and training methods.

1 Plants must be germed between 1-7th September 2017

2 Plant for competition must be nominated by 30th September.

3 Final photo for finishing Poll must be in thread for week commencing 4th December 2017. Photo must include the pot.

4 Poll will be Open for votes from 8th-12th December 2017.

5 All Entries must be updated once per week.

Adjudicator Help on this Battle is @wwwillie :headbang: [HASHTAG]#learntotag[/HASHTAG]

Official list of participants:
1939bear - Creme Bubbly
4tokin- Mystery mix
AJrexxx - ??
Ash-a-Ton - MBAP
AutoRick- Creme Bubbly, Double Grape
Belivitez - Heisenhound
biglee - Sour Alien Livers, Sour OrangeLivers, MBAP, Livers´n´cheese
budelee - Sour Stomper, Grape Crinkle, etc, etc, etc...
BuffaloKing - AvT
canocrpse86 - Auto Sour livers
CocoHempster - Fantasmo Express, WB
dankstyle J -white stomper, beary white
diverdown - Gold Glue AvT
Fairlynew - GGG4
Gauge Steel- AVT
greengrassgrow - ??
hairyman - SourOrangeLivers
iampepe - AvT, White stomper
InMephistoWeTrust - Bubbly Livers, Sour Alien Livers
IzzyTheGrower - Double grape and AVT
Jibblerjoe - sour bubbly, Ripley og , auto blues
johnp540 -Fantasmo Express, double grape, AvT, toof decay, grape walker kush
JonnyBravo420 - MBAP, Sour Livers, Triangle Kush, Gold Glue, Toofless Alien
JoshNHL- Chemdogging
MrGermaine23 - Beary White MBAP
neurotree - AvT
NoRobo - Double Grape,Illuminauto#16
NugNoob - Ripley's OG, ?? (Can't read my own abbreviations!)
Only1Sky - Crème Bubbly and Sour Crinkle
Pops - AvT, toof decay, grape walter kush, sour alien liver, sour stomper
Prez2.0 - HubbaBubbaSmelloscope
Raoul-Duke - Gold Glue
rayuki - DG, white train, auto blues
Ripper - SpaceDoggin
Royalrick - AvT
stepside - Ripley's OG
Stoner Smurf - Sour Bubbly
strangegreen - AvT Special
Streez - Sour Orange Livers
SuperCaLyXfragilistic - Double Grape, MBAP, Creme Bubbly
wwwillie - MBAP and Gold Glue
Yourztrulee- Sour Orange Livers and Skylar White.
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