Mephisto SODK Smoke Report

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Mar 11, 2013
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:clapper: :headbang: :clapper: Waxi my friend, you know it didn't happen unless there's pics!! :rofl: DRY-PORN! DRY-PORN! :rofl: ....just the text alone had me slobbering like a hound! Small wonder Astro didn't beat you to the (smoking) punch-- you know how he is around da ladiezzz! :dancer: :drool: :haha:..... Ima go have a last preharv' look too, since they were glorious goyls when alive,... Excellent write up my Nor'Eastah homie! :d5: ..thank you for sharing, and the torment,... and I'll smack ya anywa-- *damn!-- gotta 'slap some others first, it says...:doh:... Later then!! Meantime, have a hippy hug! :pighug::pass:


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Jan 9, 2015
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I think it is a side effect of the harvest lol, easy enough to keep everything documented while growing but as soon as the girl comes down and gets dried out nice is when problems arise, seems to be when i have the perfect smoke report in my head countless times and come time to post the following morning mind is blank again, or post the report while baked and then it just seems to come out a garbled mess, a lose lose situation for me but oh dear what a first world problem to be had when your buds are so good that they leave you like a zombie lol.