Mikis grows Fruit Cake.

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Sep 30, 2018
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Oh mate, I'm sorry. Such a bummer. Kind of a waste of time and electric growing these strains if they're so unstable. Basically bagseed really... not even good bagseed :(

Well, if they manage to sort it out it could be a nice one... if the smell, taste and potency are there. I'm pretty disheartened to see them still selling these when they know they're bunk.
Cheers amigo :d5:
Ive mailed mischa about it so we will see what she says!
I agree, with SS not actually being the ones that breed the seeds i cant see them being able to do much to solve it in a short time span either and with the seeds not having a batch number on them im not sure how easy it would be to identify where the fault lies!
Personally i think these have been rushed out the door too early without proper testing ✌✌


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Feb 21, 2017
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Woah @Mikis !:yoinks: What a Beauty you've grown here and i apologize for my absence in here, but i'm sure you know how it works!:bighug: Slapped you hard and am sure ya won't sit for 1 week!:pass:
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