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Mixed cannabis with alcohol before decarboxylating. Help


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Jan 2, 2017
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I mixed 27.1 g of Northern Lights with 1.3 cups grain alcohol (everclear) after freezing both for a day. Am making green dragon. I forgot to decarboxylate the cannabis before mixing. I've put the mixture in an oven for 45 minutes at 240 degree's, but I'm not sure if this will achieve the same end (decarboxylating). Any genius's out there?
There is a way of chemically decarbing ethyl tincture using an enzyme, heat, and pressure during its transfer to oil. Someone else is the genius though, and patented it. It's beyond the reach of most hobbyists.

Your tincture still has plenty of medicinal value, and might taste great, but won't be as psychoactive.

If you are only after the psychoactive effects, follow the advice above and cook it down OUTSIDE. Stay safe and never ever tell your insurance company what you did.

If you really want it to be tincture, you can redissolve your extract in some more alcohol, if you want a drinkable solution, redissolve it in vodka, rum or dilute it down to 40-50% abv. Anything stronger is not safe to drink.