mrs f6 does Optic Foliar comparison grow #test

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Jun 8, 2016
guys, is there anything I can do to push these girls to giddy up and flower?

its a bit cold outside at the moment although we do get some 26c days, they have shown sex although not much happening. Well, apart from them being half a meter tall!!!

it has been windy, perhaps they are fixed on strengthening?

problem is, days are getting longer!

they don't get full sunlight all day, maybe 8hrs, but of course there is low light morning and afternoon.

sunrise to sunset is 13hrs at the moment and getting longer.

soon it will be impractical to bring inside but if I must I will make Mrs f6 do it.. LoL :)

am I risking them doing anything weird?



Growing strange,...
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Mar 11, 2013
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:smoking: Howdy Fettled folks! :pass: ... I some very nice results here mates- :d5: :clapper: Both are lovely, but no question who's getting the Juice! Nice job so far my friends,...
Hmmm, I forgot, your on the other hemisphere! :rofl: ... that so, I'm not sure what you can do if you remain outside, as these are photo's, they will obey the Sun :bow: :rofl:... otherwsie, it's ID's they go, under 12/12 to force the issue,... may I ask what the rush is? Or is a longer term test just going to jam up your grow Mojo? I'd love to see those beauties get big lush and bushy, but that's easy for me to say, right? :rofl: That test girl would end up using a lot of Overgrow/RWT mix! ..and it ain't free! So, maybe the Mrs. will have to work some spacial magic..? regardless, this is another solid test of OF, and we thank you-- like this :slap: :hothot: and slap a badge on ya too! :eyebrows: Cheers Fett's!