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Jan 23, 2017
So here goes my first grow journal I will update as often as I can, I did have another thread of the same grow on here but I'm not happy with how I have written it so here goes my second try, so I'll start with my seeds/baby's which are 3x cherry bomb by bomb seeds and 1x northern auto by blimburn seeds. Next I'll give a breakdown of my equipment and growing media:-
-50/50 mix of coco/perlite, the northern auto is in canna coco while the 3x cherry bombs are in playgron coco, both are mixed 50/50.
- I'm using 11l fabric smart pots (root nurse)
- my light setup is a bit cheap as its all's I could afford and it consists of 2x 600w led lights and 1x260w ufo led light but they seem to be doing the job (I think they are just cheap Chinese ones I'll get a pic soon)
- I have 2 small 4" inline fans one for intake and one for outtake and I also have a clip on 6" for air circulation within the tent
- I have two tents one is a 40x40x120 and the other is 80x80x160, I bought the small one by mistake but thought I could use it for small mother's when I start my photo seeds.
- ph testing pen and a ppm meter ( I calibrate the ph pen once a week)
- my nutrients consist of canna A+B, canna cal mag agent, canna cannazym, advanced nutrients nirvana and I have ph 7 + 4 buffering agent for calibrating my ph tester and ph up and down.

Now the basics are out the way I'll talk a bit about the grow up to now. I'll start with my northern auto, she's had a hard start as she was planted straight into the medium as soon as I seen a root in the root riot cube without no food as I did not pre charge my coco so she was basically living off misted water for the first 4 days after that she was getting 1.5 ml of each canna A+B and 1.5ml of cal mag, since then she seems to have really perked up. The cherry bombs on the other hand a better start in life, like before as soon as they popped out of the root riot cubes they went straight into the coco/perlite medium but this time in medium sized plastic cups which I had cut the bottoms off and tied them back on for easy transplanting it was kind of like tiering only I took away the cups and they were not tapered so the transition was silky smooth, anyhow I'd slightly pre charged them with a small watering and they took off nicely, they are four days behind the northern auto but catching up fast. I'll post some pictures below, thanks for reading, any criticism (constructive), tips, help or questions are welcome and very much appreciated. I will update as often as I can.
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Jan 28, 2017
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Sep 7, 2016
great start sir, all looking good...have some rep dude :slap: for getting a journal going...I've got the same size tent as your, I can tell you now its going to get crowded with 4 in there, you may find that with those LED's their light penetration my be a bit naff. You may want to scrog with that many plants, that will help loads with light getting to those lower buds. That's what I'm doing, I'm only growing 3 plants, going to scrog 2, and plenty of LST on the 3rd.
My plan after I get these lady's to harvest (it will be my 3rd) is to then stagger my grows of popping a bean every 4 weeks, should leave plenty of room for training in the tent...Have you thought about topping, that's will help with room, I've just done it, pop on in to my journal to have look dude...multi colored link below.