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    after a few years of using a very expensive nutrients lines I’ve kind of settled into cheap easy to use and effective for me at least.

    I’ve ran advanced nutrients, cycos full line, nectar of the gods, botonicare etc.

    For the price I just get a good organic soil base, add perlite.

    I use general Organics bio grow only a couple times during veg, Humbolt golden tree throughout. And general Organics bio bloom a few times during flower. I enjoy the results the smoke is only for my fiancé and I, and we enjoy the outcome. No need for calmag since our tap water is AMAZING. I’ve found I like to make bigger purchases on environmental equipment since they are one time purchases and create my own beans. It’s been a blessing keeping this hobby affordable. I spent a lot of money on this hobby when I first started felt like a science lab haha. Just wanted to share what works for me! Happy growing!

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