My Second Grow - 5 strains - autumn early winter harvest - Australia

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Oct 11, 2013


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Jan 23, 2019
cheers Smokey! those buds gonna do ya right!
Did you try a fan in the drying room when the humidity was high?
Thanks Trail mate :d5::smoking: I didnt bother with the fan this time as its winter and dry under 60% and lower humidity. But summer yes i had the fan on low on the buds for 24/7 till dry.

Nice to see those hanging, buddy. Congrats!:d5:
Thanks Jraven mate :d5::smokeit:already tried some, well the ones i missed

Congratulations on the harvest Smokey :d5:....ain't it great being able to grow herb in the middle of winter :haha:
Thanks GreenBandit mate :d5::smoking: Sure is bud, winter grows I think the harvest is best without the humidity of summer, they dried nicely. We are lucky here:yay:

Good recovery after the trauma of them falling over at the last hurdle Bro.
Get another grow on while the weather's nice, and enjoy that bud! Well earned!
Thanks TeeTee mate :woohoo1::d5:, I know Bro, i was like :jawdrop:, but luckly they survived i was very careful with them. Sure will be get one in, sure is niceer than summer

----------------- edit UPDATE
update buds in the jars, only 1/3 of the first grow 46.21g, the 0.21g is stunted Charlottes Angel :haha:, once the stem is off i guess less lol, GSC was the winner with 20g.

New Soil for next grows - organic this time, might think of using only the premium potting mix, will see it looks good, and Searles also sells trace elements which might be good to have on hand, for any defiencies

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