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No I worded my question wrong, sorry my fault.

Ok what I mean here is, you know when you've air dried your bud and cured it in a jar for 3 months the smell comes out and as soon as you open the jar you can smell it.

My question is after the 7 day water cure, does it smell like that after I put it in a jar and let it sit a couple days? I guess the real question is does it smell like 3 month cured bud after $ days of water cure?

p man

no it doesn't have much smell..cover the buds (1/4 oz.-20 lbs) and make sure they are totaly under water, change the water once every day for seven days then just dry air or dehydrator from china mart ..not in the oven! you can dry it on the stovetop where the hot air comes out of the's one of those things if your curious you have to try to find out ...don't worry it won't mess up your stash just follow the post ...


P man, alright yoall,.....just though id try and explain somewhat why this happens........the reason there is not alot of odor left post "H2O" cure is, "Poly Terpenes" built from "isoterpenes" molecular formula C10H16. Are the molecules that release the olfactory stimulants. These iso terpenes are susceptible to water (H2O), "Breaking "The Weak Charbohydrate Bonds" terpenes display. Unlike, delta 9 sugar complexes, (Isomeric Trichomes) which are pretty much quite away along the road to Plastic. ie CHo Carbohydrate Resin Compound, which are usually totally unaffected by H2O at all (Hydrophobic, not Phylic). Unless you go above 25-27c water temps, which will solidify the resin compounds.

Therefore, delta 9 THCA retains 98% of power, and is unaffected by cold water cure. Organic compound of terpenes are very volatile little items !!.......they are very susceptible to "Oxidation". That breaks the bonds as well, but slower. And changes the original structure leading to "Oudour Changes", or (Moody One). That's why if you have a quality seal on your jar, the terpenes have no escape and no o2 to feed on. This causes stabilization to occur at or around RH 60-65, if no light can reach the jar.. So every time you enter a jar and let in new air, damage occurs in the trichs for sure. This is the price mother nature makes us pay, for frequent visits !!...................

........however it's usually all gone by the time she gets her way !!.........Hope it's a heads up on some issues with "Volatile Organic Compounds" which are by the way, attractant for pollinating insects, and a deterrent for insects wishing to eat MJ in the wild, or lay eggs on her either !!...You usually only see 'Little Insect Holes In MJ Leaves"....all insect fly off mashed and poisoned at the same time, and more importantly never find their way home, we hope !!...AB...........


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Sep 27, 2012
I'm very interested in this. I've always gone the air cure method, but this sounds like a great way to at least try. I'm down for the experiments :)