Natues Living Super Soil


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Nov 14, 2018
4x4 tent
1.5cu of Coco Loco
2cu of Roots Organic ROGF
Nature Living Super Soil
I got (5)5gal bags originally. But after setting up 4x4 tent decided to go with 4 plants in the 4x4. And after a lil research i may even drop bags to 3gal growing 6 plants. Havent made up my mind. Will be using Mephisto and would like to yield a LB. So im not sure to do 4x5gal or 6x3gal. SODK, White Chem will either be the only strain or both stains in 5gal. But if i did 3gal then Sour Livers or White Crack. Also had another delay today that's gonna put the first attempt off for awhile. But my question is now do any of you guys have experience with the Super Soil from this company? And are there any other things i need to add to any of the 3 soils? Or can i just put in the soil/super soil straight out of the bag and simply just water from seed to harvest. And are their any other nutes i have to add at a certain stage in the plants life?
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Jan 1, 2016
@ToneBone I couldn't say,I'm here asking same question. I want to enjoy my grow so supersoil for auto's or Nature Living Soil,or how to build a good soil so all I did was water and add a few nuitrients if needed.