Need a Basic Nutrients guide for complete beginner


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Feb 26, 2019
Just wanted to thank you all wish in hindsight I would have just stuck with all this info for some reason I went with organic soil mix nutrients IE: bat guano, sea bird guano, kelp meal, and etc. but what I have learned from this grow is that these soil additives can not be controlled once mixed in they are there to stay.

I have ordered Mega Crop for my future grows. Just glad this first grow isn’t totally dead in the water we still have a couple going. One got dug up first week outdoors the one has a nutrient burn and I have one that is doing amazing. Moving to the new place soon where I can start my full indoor adventures.

I have learned sooooo much here and from all of you, just a big thanks to everyone.

Big take aways left my plants in small pots for to long. Didn’t read enough on my soil which had zero Nutes which caused deficiency around week 2. Started plants off in window on shady side of the house which caused them to stretch, when in reality should have started them under my grow lights. High PH caused leaf mutations. And much more that I have learned from you guys!
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Mar 26, 2018
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Somtimes over watering look like deficiencies aswell. Be carefull not too over water. Small waterings are better than all in one go. Many autos stay from the issue of over watering. Thease plants be in turbo mode.
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