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Jan 2, 2011
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Here you go @woody I just did the deed a little while ago!

Week1 update
Berry bomb day 2
Temps 79 - 85 Humidity 65 - 75%

Week 2 update
Berry Bomb Temps 65 - 75 Humidity low, but she's still under a dome so no harm! She's green enough, but having a hard time getting over the dreaded helmet head!

Week 3 update
Bomb Seeds- Berry Bomb
This pic was taken just after transplant. So hopefully, she likes her new home!

Week 4 update
Bomb seeds- Berry Bomb

Week 5 update - Berry Bomb

Temps and humidity have been spot on but she's still the smallest out of 5 plants I'm running. Which is understandable, since she's the youngest! Looking forward to trying out another berry strain!

Week 6 update
Berry bomb day 36

Week 7 update
Berry bomb day 50

Week 8 update
Berry Bomb

She'sreally been getting her stretch on!Sorry for the crappy pics!

Week 9 update
Berry Bomb
Temps 78 - 84
Humidity 45 - 55%

She's not going to be finished in the time frame allotted, but I'll post a final pic of her on the last day!

Battle picture berry bomb

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