New Release (2018-3-3): Notification Toggles

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Nov 28, 2017
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I added an option to toggle whether you receive notifications via email or sms, or just on the app.

If set to off, if a threshold is exceeded (ex: temperature is too high), you will not get a notification via that channel, but the app will still show you that there's an issue (the bell icon will turn red when you log in).

If set to on, when a threshold is exceeded, you will get notified via that channel, either email or sms, or both.

This is how you use them.
1. Open the menu (three horizontal bars in the top left of the app)
2. Go to "My Account"
3. Switch the toggle in your settings to on (orange) or off (grey)
4. Hit "Update"

notification toggles.png

I updated everyone who had a phone number to on for SMS, so there should be no interruptions in service.