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Oct 20, 2018
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Good day fellow growers, stoners and autoflowering enthusiasts :toke:

Welcome to my new thread. This will be an attempt at something that resembles a perpetual(ish) rotating(ish) tent of medicinal flowers.

Previous efforts can be viewed here

This tent will differ slightly as previously I was running a 600w HPS. Whilst this provided excellent yields and was a dream to grow with, the running costs were simply too high so this has been replaced with a Grow Northern Telos 0010. Half the draw and apparently a comparative result for the space.

Otherwise everything's pretty much the same for now, although I will doing away with my cowboy ways and actually bothering to monitor everything properly. Quite frankly it's a miracle I managed to get my previous efforts to harvest.

Plants will be grown in 15l fabric pots, a Canna Pro Coco/perlite mix and the tent is a 1x1m BudBox Pro.

As I've got no complaints with it so far, I'll be running General Hydroponics Flora Trio line (plus a few additions) for now with a view to running side by side comparisons with Advanced Nutrient's line up at some point.

The first strains to be planted shall be NYC Diesel from Barney's Farm and Zkittles from Fast Buds, both of whom are safely tucked into some soggy tissue as we speak.

These will be followed by some battle/test plants which shall be documented here in addition to their own threads in accordance with the rules.

From that point onwards anything could happen. Shopping carts will be filled and emptied, mystics will be consulted, reviews will be read and a plethora of cannabinoids consumed before the next round of genetics find their way into the coco.

If you have any questions, please do ask. If you see any glaring errors, please do tell.
Just remember to keep it AFN and spread that good karma far and wide :peace:

Pull up a pew and welcome to the show.

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