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No card but this is my medicine


The more I learn, the less I know. :)
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Oct 19, 2019
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Yeah,my jaw hit the floor.See...Iam 50 and back in the day when we got caught(like idiots) driving around and pulled over we had bags of weed I mean like an oz or more and the cops would just ask us if we were ok and ok to drive....and did not confiscate the weed.Sometimes they would take it and let us off with a warning.In this day and age the laws are way different and before it became legal here I was hanging out with a neighbor that used to live in my complex and he was smoking a pipe.Five 0 shows up and he throws it up on the roof.Cops leave and I ask why.He said paraphernalia is a felony and I was like what?

But yeah he did all four years too and zero on his background,no priors or nothing.Also had 5 years probation too.It is really sad that cannabis has the reputation it has after all these years.
Yeah, the paraphernalia thing is a bitch. It means that I don't dare get caught with an empty vaporizer going into the US from Canada. Even if no weed was carried across the border with it.

The damage done by enforcement of deeply stupid and useless laws about this plant far exceeds any possible harm the plant could do. Compared to the thousands, maybe millions of people killed by alcohol and tobacco, how many have been killed by weed? None, or close enough to it. Sad does not cover it. :sadcry: :goodluck: