• The Holiday Recipe winner is Lilly_of_the_Zoo.

  • The Holiday Recipe 2nd place winner is the green bandit.

  • The Holiday Recipe 3rd place winner is Bigg Al.

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Sep 1, 2014
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Hey there fellow AFNers.

AFN, Northern Grow Lights & Dinafem have teamed up for a DIY LED Build and grow show.

Amit has kindly donated a majority of the parts to build a DIY LED COB grow light and we will supply out own LED drivers and wire.

The members of the NGL test team will each be building a different light with different sized drivers, LED COB chips and either reflectors or lenses.

Come and follow us as we Build DIY LED COB grow lights from parts supplied by Northern Grow Lights and watch us grow some Dinafem Fruit Autos under them!

Please click the link below, to come and joinus in our build and grow show!
Northern Grow Lights - Test Team Home - DIY LED COB build & grow
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