NW UK Organic. First UK outdoor & first ever auto flower grow.


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Apr 3, 2019
That's your outdoor off to a good start... Your garden is nice n private looking at the first pictures nice man.. [emoji122]

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Thanks, man.
Yeah, Neighbours seem pretty cool & we've got the fields behind us that hardly get any use so on good days the girls can chill over the fence :)

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Sgt pepper

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Jul 20, 2018
Awesome man.. My neighbours seem OK well one side is spot on the other not so sure after telling him off for lighting his fire right against the house smoke coming in the house so think he gonna keep his distance.. Thinking about it I'll have to make sure he doesn't ever see in my garden any excuse to fuck me over if that's how he feels but I doubt it never know tho security always first..

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Jan 23, 2019
@smokeyfromau I'm in Lancashire & at the moment day temps are in the low to mid teens so everything's being kept under glass/plastic full time to try & keep their ambient temp slightly elevated. Night temps as low as 7 :/ One of the other reasons for the cover is that it's slightly opaque meaning it's not so obvious what's going on in there if we have people round or the neighbour pops his head over the fence :D

@Benjidubwise , that's a good idea keeping the ambient temp up a little for the girls. That's a good idea, nothing worse than nosy neighbours when doing a stealth grow :D Looks nice and private though.
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Apr 27, 2017
UK - 51 degrees
Greetings all!
As the title suggests, I'm in North West England. This is my first ever run of autos & first time growing outdoors in the UK. In years past I've lived on the continent where the Summers were long & I could have a balcony full of massive photo periods & no one batted an eye lid :D

15L Pots.
Decided to have a crack at making my own "air pots". The process was simples enough & they look a little like this:

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After doing a little research on autos (mainly on here, so thanks for that!), I decided to layer up a couple of different soil types.
so, the bottom 50% or so is Bat - special. The top 30% ish is bio buzz light mix & the middle 20% is a mash up of the 2.

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At this point I gave the pots a good soaking just to get everything moving. I used water that I'd left standing out in buckets for 36hrs.


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I wanted something that would handle the possibly low temps we get in the North of England. I also thought that a strain suited to colder climates may tolerate cloudy & overcast days a little better. With this in mind I went for 3 of the RQS AK Auto. The Royal AK, as far as I could find, was the only one they rate as suitable for outdoor cold climates so it seemed like the reasonable choice. I also picked up 3 Royal critical autos, listed as suitable for mild climates, just in case we get another summer like last year.

As always with RQS they sent a freebie. A Northern Lights auto suited to warmer climates that may have to wait until I can get a mini indoor set up going later in the year. khbl

I have a little "dog proofed" area in the corner of the garden, behind the shed. It's protected from wind & out of the line of sight from the neighbours. The only issue is the massive lack of light :D The area is right
under an Alder tree, next to a large hedge & up the side of the shed so, not ideal *more on this later*.

To protect from chilly nights, I knocked together a cold frame that should see them through till the end:

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you can see the dappled sunlight that makes it through the canopy :/ This spot only gets a couple of hours of full sun mid morning then it's like this the rest of the time.
Worry not, friends!
Just on the other side of that fence, to the left of the cold frame is a farmers field. Used only to bale hay a couple of times through the season then grazed by sheep in the winter, the other side of the fence gets full sun from lunchtime through to sunset. I'm usually home from work around that time so can just chuck them over the fence. Result!

I made some little "day time space suits" for them for over the fence:)

View attachment 1061856

ok so, on 13.5 I planted 3 x Royal AK Auto.... & at this point, I'll have to leave you hanging for now :D

Duty calls. Dog walking duty that is.

I'll up date you on the last weeks progress shortly.
Sorry for such a long first post/intro to a grow diary. I'll try & upload more often in the future.
To be honest, I wasn't sure about sharing. Being in the UK where cultivation is moronically still a criminal offence I thought it a bit risky but... fuck it, it'll be reet :D

Until next time: BASS & LOVE

Nice little set up man, looks like you've thought it through well.

Good luck, I'm subbed up to follow this one!


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