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Oct 8, 2012
Hey everyone, I'm going through and cleaning up some of the inactive vendor forums on the site. I've attempted to contact these vendors and some have gone out of business, sold to another business, or simply just not interested in forum advertising at this time, but we'd certainly love to see some of them come back and under no circumstance is anyone leaving on bad terms (reach out to these guys and tell them you want to see them on AFN again!)

I've commented on a few simply because they either went out of business, merged, changed names, etc.

Typically speaking the majority of the contents of these forums will be moved to the Indoor Growing Discussion and Journal sections. Absolutely nothing is going to be deleted, just moved to more general grow forums, then the company forums will be removed. So all information will remain intact, public, and accessible to everyone, regardless of the vendor is here or not. :pass:

Commercial Seed Co's:
Zenseeds (was informed they sold and renamed to Seeds Network APS, so will see if they are still around and alive!)

Lighting Companies:
Spectrum King
Kind LED
Tasty LED
Prism Lighting Science (OEM product supplied by Growers House, Prism isn't an actual company.)
Northern Grow Lights (they merged with Johnson Grow Lights to form Horticultural Lighting Group, not a relevant forum at this point but we're trying to get HLG back on the site!)

Elite Nutrients

Smoking & Vape Companies:
Hopper Labs (everything I've read recently indicating this company was some sort of failed "crowd funded" project. Sounds like a tremendous amount of product failure, little to no support or warranty, and not sure if they are still producing units.

Appreciated everyone and thank you! :vibe: