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Sep 4, 2015
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Welcome to another great Cannazone test Sponsored by
:worship:Dinesh and Optic Foliar:worship:
:welcome:First we Start with a Giant Thank You to Dinesh for sponsoring this test.
Optic Foliar has graciously given the test team a Huge supply of their products to put on the hot seat,
and I'm sure that they will not only surprise you,They will open your eyes to the power and effectiveness of foliar feeding.
This Thread will be the official test thread where all the team members will post their progress with their data backed by plenty of pictures.

Team Members
Please post your Mini-Bio along with a description of your grow,what this test will show is that while everybody uses different lights,media,nutes,and strain,a Foliar feeding can benefit the plant thru direct and effective feedings in the quickest way possible.
The Test Team Will Be
@arty zan @Anthropolis @Duggy @namvet25 @pop22 @Pops @Ripper @stepside @The Elvis
and budelee
If there are any questions comments or issues,you can contact me @budelee as i will be moderating this test thread.
:baby:Thank You AFN and Thank You Optic Foliar for Sponsoring this Test :thumbsup:


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Sep 4, 2015
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Introduction/Mini Bio
Budelee ,Hi everyone...well my standard style is using 600 watts of HID MH/HPS lighting..I am a coco grower using Cyco Platinum prewashed and buffered..i also grow in 2 gallon Geo Pots..For Nutrients i use the KISS method with GH Maxi Grow start to finish in various amounts as the N value is great enough for the full cycle,this is a Lucas Ratio/Formula and the cost is very cheap proving that great bud can be grown on a shoestring budget,i add GH cal mag and silica due to the media.
For this test i have chosen Killer Kush as the strain and will be starting from seed.
Plants will be on an 18/6 schedule from start to finish.I do HST my plants and hope to document how a foilar feed/treatment will help keep the plants from over stressing,allowing the Foliar Fed plant to grow faster and larger than the non treated plant.
Thank You
For stopping in and we all hope youll follow along​
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The Elvis

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Jun 28, 2014
HI AFN .. I am a "hybrid" lamp user So I run both HID and LED . I use a 600 watt Hurtilux HPS with 2 mars 192x3 reflectors, and a 900 watt Mars Lamp for a side light! 18X6
I use soil and air pots 5 gallon.. I also hand water daily using Advanced Nutrients. This test I will be using 2 mephisto Autoflower genetics..

Thank you very much!!


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Aug 8, 2014
Hello friends! Thanks for having me budelee and Optic Foliar!

I'm mostly an organic soil grower, but occasionally experiment with things outside the organic box. My current soil stock is organic: it's a base of Roots Organic plus about 1/3 Canna coco coir and a gazillion ammendments of about every thing imaginable lol. So all the nutrition is essentially in the soil already, but I like to play with additions to the water. I'll be doing AACT teas, plus occasional calmag via Humboldt Equilibrium, plus powdered organic silica, plus Real Growers Recharge, plus a dash of occasional EarthJuice Microblast, and maybe a couple treatments of House and Garden Roots Excelurator and later Mammoth P maybe. I don't have my liquids set in stone, I kinda play it by feel.

My tent is a humble 2 feet by 4 feet by 5 feet tall. Standard ventilation: carbon can, 6" blower, and adjustable controller. LED lighting by a Mars Reflector 144 with 1x CFL for when I work and for pictures. Pots are Root Trapper II 3gallon.

Guess that's about it for intro info. Strain will depend on when I get the kit in hand: I really want to test on either an Afghan Kush Ryder or a Industrial Plant CBD auto, just started a perfect pair of each! We'll see. Thanks again for having me along! :biggrin:


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Oct 8, 2012
Duggy here...Delighted to be part of this awesome test group. Massive thanks to Optic Foliar for the opportunity.
Set up as follows...
Dr60 tent ( 2ft x 2ft ).
Spectrum King 100w LED.
2 pot Auto pot system with 8.5L pots and airdomes.
Medium will be Plagron Light mix with Ionic base nutrients.
Strain will be 2 x Short Stuff Auto Blueberry x Chemdog.
Both will receive same base nutrients from shared reservoir with one undergoing Foliar treatment for comparison.
Look forward to getting things started...:pass:


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May 17, 2015
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:toke: 1st a big Thank You to Optic Foliar for this opportunity.
I Have a 10'x12' bedroom
central air, 2, 19" fans
400 watt HPS
400 watt cobb type
5gal fabric pots 3 to 4 gal soil:shooty:
Roots organic soils Base, Living organics, my mix:d5::d5:
I like using both lights together best of both worlds. too me
temp 72-80
R/H 35-60%
water ph to 6.5


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Mar 13, 2015
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Hello all,
Thanks to AFN and OPTIC FOLIAR for the opportunity to test out this product.

I'm just gonna throw this out there... I don't really have a set way of growing. I have 3 tents going all the time and I grow outdoors as well. I love to keep trying different things.. I'll be growing in promix in either 5 or 7gal airpots. Most likely these plants will be grown under 1000w HPS. Sometimes I move my plants from hps to led or vice versa... Still not positive what I'll be growing yet, too many to choose from...

Thanks again for the opportunity to use this product


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Sep 4, 2015
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I have not either,but take the canadian holiday and the weekend into account,the kits should arrive real soon and this will allow time for the missing bios....is everybody ready to rock-n-roll once the kits arrive?? Im drowning seeds tonight so ill be behind...