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Jul 29, 2016
good idea!
Anytime for the AFN crew. always here to help, just let me know what works best for you guys, and I'll make sure im free. I got bogged down in emails, travel, work etc so sometimes I dont log on as often as I should.

any AFN members are always free to contact me directly at [email protected] if i dont reply fast enough or even call me 604-218-8567 (canada)

Keep growing guys! love the pics, love the community and love helping growers grow more and grow better product!!!

ok its almost 420, I've done some work today :baby:...... time for a break!! :baked:


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Dec 15, 2013
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Ducksfoot is the most miserable plant there is to try to clone. It can be done but the success rate is abysmal. 30% on a good run.... And I've tried every technique I could find. Building an aerocloner was about the best, I'm seeing about 40-50% success. Then a couple weeks ago I said: "DUH!!" I have the ingredients to make another batch of Overgrow, left over from doing the test run. Been spraying a new batch of clones daily now for 5 days, and they are looking good. HOWEVER... ducks a tricky lying bitch.......lol! We'll see what they do after they ( IF... ) root because this plant does strange things. However, I'm hopeful that they will continue to do well. I'll update in a couple weeks.

The green clones are thew ducksfoot

Ducksfoot - aerocloner pic1 -8-11-2017.jpg


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Sep 15, 2016
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@Son of Hobbes I just listened to today's radio show with Optic Foliar. I have some Wedding Cake BX1 seeds that are notorious for hermies ~80% of the female plants hermie. I think it would be a great test of Switch. I have not been willing to grow these because the back plants in my space are too hard to reach to examine everyday like would be required to prevent spoiling the grow. This Fall I may be willing to do a test run if a test is something that can be worked out?


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Mar 31, 2017
Still using during veg. Not as much when I run perpetual and have girls in flower and veg. Don’t need high humidity. When I only have girls in veg I spray the crap out of them. Gonna have to buy another bottle. I start spraying as soon as they pop too. I think it helps speed growth right off the bat.
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