Opinions needed for Sunraise LED

  • Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.

Ryan Golightly

Auto Warrior
Mar 4, 2019
I am considering upgrading my setup with the next grow, currently running 2 600w LEDs, one being a brandless Chinese knockoff, and the other is a Wills Newest LED. They're doing good enough I guess for a 2'×3'×5' tent, but I think I'm gonna be getting a 4'×4'×6' soon so I can get more harvests in before the end of the year. I have seen some results for the Sunraise 1000w LED, but I want to know everyone's honest opinion about it. Thanks in advance.
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