Optic Foliar Switch does it work?

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Jul 29, 2016
UPDATE: foliar switch by optic .

Very close to harvest now and other then a few half formed seeds I picked out and a few nanners it seems to have worked
And it definitely speeds up your harvest time by at least a week as stated , I’ve never seen buds so dense in my life like the Chemdawg by humboltd seeds (uploading pics and review in couple weeks) I’ve had to support all 8 colar on all 3 of my mainlined plants that’s 24 resin soaked monsters leaning over from its own weight

I’d sprayed at day 7 and 17 of flower as precaution but then screwed up my nutes which then made one panic and send out a few nanners .
I caught the nanners just as the were visible plucked them out and give it a heavy spray then week later did the same again amazing results would definitely recommend.ive had to sit and watch my plants hermie before leaving me with 100s of seeds and it’s horrible but not anymore Whoop whoop

please send me your email so i can send you detailed instructions.
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Jul 18, 2018
I have some Sorority Girl (Valley Girl x Vanilluna) which are known to intersex and have applied Switch to them on day 7 and 17 like youre supposed to. I removed all the nanners off of the one girl that was herming and have never seen another nanner since. Stuff is magical.
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