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Your Host for this Outdoor Auto Photo Grow Battle under the Sun 2017 is @912GreenSkell :d5:

Starting May 2017

Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Grow Battle under the Sun 2017

Welcome to the Annual Autoflower and Photoperiod Outdoor Battle of the Year 2017, where grow gladiators will battle it out using the most powerful grow light in existence, the SUN!! There will be no limitations on start time, strain choice or style of growing. This battle will host both photo period and autoflowering plants. Below is the rules so please read carefully, and prepare to bask your plants in ample sunlight, and battle for victory!! Everything should not be about size, so voting will be based on a live single cola/bud and also on a dried bud pic. Rest assured there will be lots of full plant pics in the thread though!!


1 - Gladiators must have a 50 post count on AFN, and be members of this site for at least 30 days.

2 - On entry Gladiators must choose one plant from their chosen strain, from either a photoperiod strain, or an autoflower strain, or one of each auto and photo plants. Gladiators may post their entry on any plant less than 30 days old(to give a bit of selection to avoid runts) Once the entry is registered, plant selection must remain the same. Self nominations only allowed.

3 - Pics of the plant entry must be posted at least every 14 days. Far south growers(that already have their plants growing), must post a pic every 14 days from seed birth to current date when entering.

3A - Once an entry is official after 14 days with no updated pics, myself or nation team leaders will fire a warning tag. After that, there is 14 days grace period to show updated pics. If no pic is submitted within those 14 days The Entry Will Be Eliminated.

4 - Voting for the autoflower strains will start on September 15th, voting for the photoperiod strains will start on November the 15th. Might be extended if needed for late flowering varieties.

5 - Autoflower plant entries must be fully automatic flowering plants. Semi-automatic plants will be considered photoperiod plants. Plants that show no preflower by 50 days will be considered photoperiod plants.

6 - No start date restrictions, except the entry plant must be started on January 1st 2017 or later.

7 - Autoflowering plants must live at least half its life outdoors, so no keeping under lights for 50 days and going outdoors for 20. Hybrid indoor/outdoor grows are allowed.

8 - There will be a 2 section poll, one for photoperiod strains and one for autoflower strains.

9 - This will be a multivote system where voters can vote twice for autoflowers, and twice for photoperiod plants.

10 - Voting will be based on 2 pics. One pic will be from a live single cola/bud pic, and the second will be a dried single bud pic. No full plant overview pictures will be allowed for the final vote. A cola is defined as a string of buds with no stalk showing.

10a - The live bud/cola pic may be defoliated of fan leaves, but should not be fully trimmed. This rule clarification is meant for leafy type indica plants to be able to show the bud. Basically any leaf with visible stalks may be removed for the final pics, just small leaves may not be full trimmed.

11 - Greenhouse plants will be allowed for sure. The only thing that matters, is that the Sun is the primary source of lighting for the majority of the plants life.

12 - In the event of males or hermaphrodites, participants may choose a different plant than the plant that was initially declared as their entry.

13 - Regular non feminized unsexed seed may be used, but strain(not individual plant as it is for femmed seed) must be selected at 30 days or less. In the event of all males showing during preflower, strain selection change will be allowed.

14 - Have fun, and grow some crystal caked beauties!


There will be some great seed prizes for not just the grand winner....but for the top 3 winners of each category!!

Photoperiod Winners!

1st Place
will receive 2 breeders packs of early finishing varieties - varieties TBA

2nd Place will receive 5 photoperiod seeds from 912GreenSkell's personal collection, I will work with winner for varieties the winner will want to try. Mostly Bomb, Dinafem, Dutch Passion.

3rd place will receive 3 photoperiod seeds from discretepete2676 ' s personal collection. Thanks to discretepete for generously offering to cover third prize.

Autoflower Winners!

1st Place
will receive 2 breeders packs of autoflowering varieties - varieties TBA

2nd Place will receive 5 autoflower seeds from 912GreenSkell's personal collection, I will work with winner for varieties they want to try. Mostly Bomb, Dinafem, Dutch Passion.

3rd place will receive 3 photoperiod seeds from discretepete2676 ' s personal collection. Thanks to discretepete for generously offering to cover third prize.

There will also be a participants badge, as well as badges for the winning circle.

Here is the list of Official entries so far:

Autos (31 current entries)
blowyourmind - Sweet Seeds Blow Mind ENTRY COMPLETED
islandgrower - Sour Liver COMPLETED
Swan - Royal Dwarf Dwarfy Last submitted COMPLETED
Belivitez - Fastbuds Gorilla Glue COMPLETED
912GreenSkell - Bomb Seeds Cherry Bomb COMPLETED
CaptCold - DP Think big COMPLETED
Bud Wiser UK - DP Brooklyn Sunrise COMPLETED
Need4Weed - Sweet seeds Dark Devil COMPLETED
Hecno - Auto Amnesia COMPLETED
Mark87 - Dutch Passion Glueberry OG COMPLETED
Trailanimal - Hubba Bubba Magic COMPLETED
Dr. Babnik - Portal Nashira COMPLETED
Arthur 00 Seeds Northern LIghts COMPLETED
mohawk warrior - COMPLETED

Maria Sanchez - Eliminated
Mossy - Eliminated
Dave_Shorts - Eliminated
The Mongol - Eliminated
L0wbob2017 - Eliminated
farmergreen007 - Eliminated
iWumbo - Eliminated
Hemisync - Eliminated
Mr Stonde -Eliminated
Tin Whiskers - Eliminated
Stickman - Eliminated
goodgrace87 - Eliminated

Photoperiod (23 Current Entries)

912GreenSkell - Dutch Passion Think Fast (Think Different X Power Plant) Last submitted pic - Completed
Maria Sanchez - COMPLETED
DankStyle J - Cannarado Skelly OG (Legend OG X Pacific Northwest Hashplant) COMPLETED
Vlad The Inhaler - COMPLETED
GringoStarr - HSO Black DOG COMPLETED
Waira - Sweet Seeds Psicodelicia COMPLETED

Bud Wiser UK - Eliminated
Need4Weed - Eliminated
Dr. Babnik - Eliminated
TheMongol - Eliminated
blowyourmind - Eliminated
Farmergreen007 - Eliminated
islandgrower - Eliminated
Hemisync - Eliminated
Mark87 - Eliminated
Stickman - Eliminated
Jraven - Eliminated
goodgrace87 - Eliminated

National Teams Breakdown
Team EU (15 Gladiators)
Team Leader -
blowyourmind (auto)
dafthandler (auto)
Dr. Babnik (auto, photo)
Slowmo (auto)
Dave_Shorts (auto)
Mr Stonde (auto)
Bud Wiser UK (auto, photo)
TheMongol (auto, photo)
Clockworkorange (auto, photo)
brock1 (auto, photo)
L0wbob2017 (auto)
Belivitez (auto)
Vlad The Inhaler (photo)
Mossy (auto)

Team USA (21 Gladiators)
Team Leader - Stickman

trailanimal (auto)
dankstyle J (photo)
GodAmJT (Auto, photo)
AVITAS (photo, auto)
Yeatster (auto)
jackMgood (auto)
Jraven (Auto, Photo)
Hemisync (photo, auto)
farmergreen007 (photo, auto)
Ripper (photo, auto)
Benjamin Squier (auto)
pop22 (auto, photo)
geanybravo (auto, photo)
Stickman (auto, photo)
Need4Weed (auto, photo)
goodgrace87 (auto, photo)
GringoStarr (auto, photo)
Tin Whiskers (auto, photo)
Waira (photo)
Arthur (auto)

Team Cannada (3 Gladiators)
Team Leader -
912Greenkell (photo, auto)
Powerful14 (photo)
CaptCold (photo, auto)

Team South - Austrailia, Caribbean, South America(4 Gladiators)
Team Leader - hecno (auto)
islandgrower (photo, auto)
Maria Sanchez (photo, auto)
WalterW (photo, auto)
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Thank man. But not at that level sadly!! But definitely watching. Ha

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