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Just Say No... well ok then if I must
May 31, 2015
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. . . I'm on rations of Grape Crinkle and Beary White till next harvest.
I do miss my outdoor girls - but reading about this years weather and the various 2 legged rippers and busts makes me realise why it's better kept unseen indoors. But if there was ever a change in the law I know what I'd be putting out at the allotment - 2 huge polytunnels lol.

Happy New Year and May the Sun Shine on you all in 2018 :D


Auto Warrior
Jan 16, 2015
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Durban Poison
Strain Name:Red Poison
Days to Harvest: 68
Size: 18"
Average Relative Humidity During the Last 4 weeks of flower: 80%
Hours of Daylight and Direct Sunlight: 24 hours for first 20 days then whatever the sun gave
Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio, Rhino Skin, Molasses

Outdoor Qualities(0 being the worst and 10 being the best)
Mold Resistance 10/10 No signs of mold
Ease of growing 8/10 Slight nute burn early, but was my fault
Resistance to Cold ? No cold to deal with
Resistance to Heat 9/10 A few days in the mid 90's and no problem with upper 80's and low 90's
Resistance to High Wind 9/10 Took stormy days in stride

Bud Quality 8/10 Buds were fairly compact and great color
Crystal Count 7/10 Crystals were plentiful
Smell Appeal and strength 9/10 Buds had a great citrus mango smell
Smoke Taste 9/10 Smoke also tasted like mango
Sativa Uphigh 5/10 Despite being a Green Poison cross, she didn't make me overly anxious
Indica couchlock Stone 6/10 Not a really strong couch lock, I think the sativa influence balanced it out

Overall outdoor impression - 8/10 If not for my early screw-ups, I thinks she would have produced much more. I'm really glad I was able to cross her with some pollen I had on hand.
I wonder if I can use this review to obtain a Sweet Seeds badge? :shrug: