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Jan 2, 2011
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Details as they come in..:headbang:..this is a One leg grower of the year Battle..and you can start your plant auto or photo at any time as long as you are confident it will finish before the sun goes out...:biggrin:

@St. Tom

:growing: :growing: :growing: :growing:
2018 Outdoor Battle under the Sun

Okay guys here we go!!! One more season, one more group of Gladiators ready to battle it out under the Sun!!

This Battle is going to be a little different than any other battle's on AFN and due to the lengthy nature of the battle. I have decided to change the standard battle rules to make it easier on the coordinators, and also a bit easier on the gladiators!!

How this battle is going to work- You may pick 3 plants maximum by day 30 for either(or both) the photoperiod or the autoflower side of this contest. At this time, you must post pictures of your 3 plants you want as your entries. Picture must be taken every 14 days(one or two days off is okay) up to that point to be an eligible entry. Once you enter your first 2 pics(group shots, potentially 6 pics for each category autos and photos, if you are taking single plant pics), you won't need to do anything for another 30 days when you will be required to post 2 more pics for each entry plant of the last months progress. If 30 days passes and you are overdue on your update(which you guys know I will be watching and recording on the main page!!), when the overdue is noticed the member will be tagged...if 1 week goes by after the warning, and no update is supplied, then that entry is eliminated. At the end of your harvest, you must choose ONE of your 3 entries to represent you in both the Live Cola and Dried Bud voting polls.

Complete Contest Rules:

1 Any plant(auto or photo) may be entered in this contest, as long as they were started January the 1st 2018 or later.

2 Plants must be grown the majority of their life under natural sunlight. Indoor/outdoor and solarium grows are allowed absolutely, as are indoor started, or even hybrid indoor/outdoor setups. As long as the plants are grown under the sun for the Majority of their life, they are legit entries.

3 Last seasons contest you were limited to a single plant on entry at day 30. This contest you will be allowed to enter up to 3 plants, but once you pick your entry plants you are stuck with them, so choose your plants/strain wisely!! Last years contest some chosen plants fell victim to issues...it wasn't the growers fault, and they should not have been punished, but the rules were set. This year I figured that a 3 plant upgrade would help solve that problem at least to some extent. This will allow growers to drop plants that turn hermaphrodite or mold prone strains.

4 Bi-weekly pics must be submitted at Day 30 with your chosen entry plants(up to 3 plants allowed for both photo and auto). Pics may be group shots for the initial submission.(so non entry plants allowed in the 30 day submission pic).

5 Once you enter at day 30, it will be recorded with a date on the first page first post. In 30 days you must post another 2 pics of your chosen plants. Every grower that posts on time, without needing an issued warning will get maximum reputation from me(and hopefully other contestants!!!). Updates from day 60 on, must be individual pics of entry plants if possible. If non entry plants are in the pics, entry plants must be identified with something to show they are the entry plants.

6 There will be one warning issued after the coordinators see your updates are overdue. One week(7 days) after overdue warning has been issued, if no other updates have been supplied, that grower will be eliminated. Those going on vacation ect, will be allowed to have some extension on this rule as long as it is communicated with coordinators before hand.

7 No problems with folks posting pics of non entry plants....but PLEASE, PLEASE mark Entry pics clearly with "OFFICIAL ENTRY PICS", so coordinators know official entry pics from non-official pics. This was a big struggle running the comp last season. The same will go with weekly update pics...please do stop by with weekly pics if you feel like it, but please understand that no updating will be done on weeky updates, once a month updates is all the time i will be able to spare, and marking updates with "OFFICIAL ENTRY PICS" will make it much easier for coordinators to keep up to date.

8 Regular non feminized seed - Those running regs make a unique challenge for a contest like this. Regular non sexed seed growers are allowed to enter double the amount of plants to account for 50% males. When preflower starts, the grower must select 3 plants and use those as their entries from then until harvest.

9 Plants started early - Early starters are still allowed to enter their plants. All they need to do is post pics every 14 days from week 1 to current in their original entry submission. Please note.....this could possibly be a start to finish entry in a single post for early starter auto growers. As long as there is bi weekly pics supplied, then this is fine.

10 Have fun and grow some beautiful plants!!

Voting Rules

1 The voting phase of this contest will begin on September the 15th for autos(or asap after the last entry submits dried bud pics). The voting phase of the photoperiod side of this contest will be started on December the 1st(or asap after the last entry submits dried bud pics).

2 There will be 4 voting polls for entrants that make it through to the end of harvest. Two polls will be for autoflowering plants(Live Untrimmed bud, and one for dried trimmed), and two polls will be for photoperiod plants(Live Untrimmed bud, and one for dried trimmed). No full plants pics will be allowed in the voting polls.

3 The polls voting process(for both the auto and photo) will be split into 2 polls. One poll will be for Live Untrimmed Bud or Cola(fan leaves removed is fine, a cola is defined as a string of buds with no stalk showing), and one poll will be for Dried Trimmed Bud.

Oct 4th
Alchemy (Photo - DVG Humble Pie X2, Cannaventure Tenessee Kush) (Auto Lowryder [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] X Blueberry COMPLETE)

Oct 3rd
Swan (Auto Barneys Farm Pineapple Express, Stiches Love Potion, DP Auto Compassion LIme)
Waira - Delicious Seeds 11 Roses. Maines own blueberry, Female seeds grapefruit

Sept 29th
912GreenSkell (Photo - Green Poison Fast F1, Dutch Passion Blueberry, Delicious 11 Roses)

Sept 25th
Mark87 (photo - Landrace Afghani, Purple Afghani, Auto Cheese auto, Grand Daddy purp auto, Afghani mass auto)
Quentin3676 (Photo - Cookies Kush Barneys Farm, Elemental Blackberry OG, DNA Lemon OG) (Auto - Dutch Passion Night Queen COMPLETE, Dutch Passion Colorado Cookies COMPLETED, Mephisto s.o.d.k. COMPLETE)
fryge (Photo A4 s1, WS07 x A6) (Auto - Wild Thailand Ryder COMPLETED)

Sept 23rd
Dankstyle J (Photo - Skelly Og 1, Skelly Og 2)

Sept 20th
CaptCold (Auto - Mephisto AvT) (Photo - Blueberry X Ak47)

Sept 16th
Vlad the Inhaler (Photo - Big Kush, Total Paralysis, Pineaplle Chunk)
cornell584 (Photo DP Think Fast, DP Blueberry) (SS Northern Lights Auto COMPLETED)

Sept 2nd
daipot (auto trippy gorilla 1, trippy gorilla 2, trippy gorilla 3)

Aug 28th
Blowyourmind (Auto Blueberry Auto Zamnesia)

Blowyourmind (Auto - Berry ryder auto seeds, Zamnesia Cherry Bud)
James Rogers (Auto - ?strain)
Archaic (Photo - Seedsman Power Africa, Seedsman White Widow) (Auto - Mephisto Orange Diesel)
Konopch (Auto - DP Autoultimate, DP Auto Frisian Dew, Dinafem Critical Jack)
themongol - (Auto - Seedstockers Blackberry Gum, SS Ak420)
Handsintheground (Auto - Dinafem Moby Dick XXL)
IslandGrower (Photo Master Kaze)
Hecno- (Auto - BCN Critical XXL)
Arthur (Auto - Strawberry Nuggets, Forum Stomper)
OregonBlackBear (Photo - MThood Magic Durban NL#5XDurban Poison, Blueberry Kush Dj Short BB X OG Kush)
Nothinyet (Auto Flash Seeds White Sirius, Dinafem Cheese XXL, Lineage Genetics Auto Amnesia)

Playboy mac (auto monster mass COMPLETE, mephisto mystery lady [HASHTAG]#2[/HASHTAG] COMPLETE, mephisto mystery lady [HASHTAG]#3[/HASHTAG] COMPLETE)
St. Tom (Auto - Heavieweight Jackpot COMPLETE, Mephisto Sour Hound COMPLETE)
Pop22 (Auto - Blue Dragon COMPLETED, Haze CBD COMPLETED)
Trailanimal (Auto Portal Citrus Noir Completed, Magic Bubba Trouble Bertha, Bubba Trouble Little Sister)
forbiddenx711 (photo - Flash Champion super auto COMPLETED, Auto HSO Blue Dream COMPLETED)

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Jan 3, 2017
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I'm there. I'm a little confused....there was some sort of set up after last year's outdoor finished.

How do I apply for three outdoor auto grows for battle? Are seeds sent? Do I pick some of mine?

Exotic Flower

Auto Warrior
Jul 26, 2016
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I'm there. I'm a little confused....there was some sort of set up after last year's outdoor finished.

How do I apply for three outdoor auto grows for battle? Are seeds sent? Do I pick some of mine?
Hey @captcold -- can you connect to these links here?



If not, may need to buzz Mossy or Duggy or Ripper or one of the mods.


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Jun 26, 2015
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If anyone is willing to simply come and take my photoperiod gold medal from me bring it on!!! I'll be defending my gold medal. April the 1st start planned. Single seed, single entry. Come get some!!