Outdoor Grow Battle 2017 Photoperiod Dry Bud Voting Thread


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Jun 26, 2015
Welcome to the Dry Bud voting thread from the Photoperiod Side of the outdoor contest!! It all comes down to this moment!! Top 3 voted on members combined with this thread and the Live auto voting thread will be crowned the outdoor champions!!

For everyone that drop a comment and the votes of their favorite buds(remember you get to Vote on 2 separate entries!!), i will give maximum reputation. So drop a comment and some votes!! Make sure you pull up the full size pics before casting your votes, don't be voting on thumbnails shortcutter!! ;) :D

Completed Entries:
@912GreenSkell - COMPLETED
@Maria Sanchez - COMPLETED
@Vlad The Inhaler - COMPLETED
@GringoStarr - COMPLETED

Link to Photoperiod Live Bud Voting thread(please vote 2 votes on both threads!!)

Hats off to everyone that followed through and finished this contest!! Really some great work growing everyone!! Its was a cold wet season for many of us. Contestants and spectators, feel free to tag in anyone you think might vote on this contest!! We want to get as many votes in as possible!!
Also make sure you vote on both of the Autoflower voting threads if you have not done so!


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Mar 11, 2013
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:crying: Dudeski mate, would you like a private booth? ... BYOB alcohol and paper towels! :hothot::woody: :haha:... do you remember that skit from SNL, Orgasm-Man? :rofl:

>>> @912GreenSkell .... :jointman: I'll roll with this one, though it was a tough call!

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