Outdoor Grow Battle 2017 Photoperiod Dry Bud Voting Thread

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Jul 26, 2016
AND this is the end my friends!! Voting closed and winner announcement below!!

And the winner placement list
1st place 912GreenSkell 48+46 = 94
2nd place @Waira 45+46 = 91
3rd place @GringoStarr 12+11 = 23
4th @Vlad The Inhaler 4+13 = 17
5th @Maria Sanchez 5+6 = 11

I want to personally thank the four of you for sticking in the contest and making it through to the end!! It was a tough season for most of us and the amount of completed entries reflect that!! Hats off to you guys. The end vote was an absolute nail biter of a finish with waira and myself going toe to toe in votes....with only two days left for voting we were dead nuts tied! Great battle waira!

As I did in the autoflower half of the contest I am forfeiting my prize as I don't need any more seed right now, so that means that waira will get the top prize, gringo will get second place prize and vlad will get third. I will get a hold of the winners with prize info as soon as I find out what the prizes are. Can i please ask @Rebel to issue us some "Photoperiod Outdoor Winner" gold(912), silver(waira) and bronze(gringostarr). Thanks rebel!

Been a pleasure growing beside everyone!!
Congratulations to Don Skelly, Master Waira, Gringo Hombre and Count Vlad!!!!
:love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

It was fun. Hopefully one day I'll be somewhere where I can properly grow.
Then I'll have some nice plants and buds for you all!!!

Love and hugs,


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Jun 26, 2015
How deep do you dig the 12x12 holes? My back hurts thinking about it. ..
Only a single shovelful deep....simply turn it over once(after adding horse manure with the tractor bucket) and you are done...easily accomplished when its dry due to the high content of sand in our soil it breaks up easily. Right now i do 6' minimum holes and roots fill every inch!!


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Apr 2, 2016
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I always thought that a deep hole was needed for these. We have a heavier clay soil where i live. You do have a lot of ground to turn for the garden!