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Ph Meters... Which one.. How much...



Get a good brand like Hanna:



I myself have a Hanna HI98108 which is for around 60$, in between those two.

edit: found the HI98108 here for 45$:

its better than the HI98107 since it has automatic temperature compensation (edit).

Make sure you get a bottle of 7.0 (500ml) fluid and atleast one or two 5ml packs of the 4.0.

You will need to always keep like 1ml or 2 of the ph 7.0 buffer solution inside the cap, and replace that solution every 2 weeks or so.

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Cheers guys, on Monday I will see if they ship to my neck of the woods, and i'll get the distilled water for cleaning.

I keep seeing solutions for ph meters. do they need to be calibrated often, and do they arrive perfectly set when new.


even if the one you get says its pre calibrated its worth checking yourself before you use it as a non calibrated ph meter is as usefull as no ph meter, then check it every week or so, it only take a few mins to do.