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Apr 2, 2016
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I think my grow buddy's ph is very low. I think I have talked him into trying this. Told him missy preached it hard. Since shes a smoker he just may do it! Bet he wouldn't if the doctor told him to


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Jun 8, 2018
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Nothing! Ran out

Eek and I still take the baking soda...although not near as often as we should.
You get to where you can tell when your pH is down.
Taking the baking soda will create oxygen in your blood. That gives most people more energy and more energy should help with the GBS. I don't think baking soda would affect her to check with her doctor.

Don't forget, it takes a bit for your body to adjust. You will have increased gas and possibly diarrhea.:yoinks:
But it is worth it.:coffee:
Thank you root. Yeah I have taken home the message that there is no such thing as a test fart!! We have been warned!

She has an appointment at the doctor's tomorrow so we should find out if it's okay to do. If this works for her it would be a whole new life for someone ! Fingers crossed and I'll let you guys know of any progress down the line
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