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 Pink Grapefruit smoke report

Discussion in 'Short Stuff Reviews and Smoke Reports' started by NoRobo, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. NoRobo

    NoRobo Helping people get off big pharma everyday...

    Apr 5, 2015
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    Breeders Name: Short Stuff seeds

    Strain Name: Pink Grapefruit "Boutique line"

    Autoflower?: Yes, on day 21

    Soil/Hydro: Soil, 3 gallon fabric pot

    Nutes: Super soil mix with worm tea and well water only.

    Lights: 1 300w mars knock off, old style directly above with some extra lumens from two other 300's in use

    Days from sprout to harvest: 81

    Dry yield: 60g I don't grow for yield so the plants are never really pushed but I am definitely happy with this yield.

    Effects: Hybrid. It starts out mellow at first starting at the back of your head. A nice euphoric feeling starts to overcome your body and a big smile comes across your face. After about 5 mins the feeling waterfalls down to the rest of your body. Now your relaxed, muscle tension and the stressors of the day are gone. You can still function, if you really want to. I'm high tolerance and this one gets me every time. The high would last about 45 mins to an hour but the flavor had me loading bowls much sooner!

    Bag Appeal: **** She has bright green flowers coated in trichomes. On looks alone, people were happy to have something like this to smoke. I give some to friends to try so I ask there opinions. "Dude, it looks bomb as fuck!" "This is for me? It looks gorgeous, thank you" Nice to hear those kinds of things.

    Density: **** Not the most dense flower I have grown but it would hold its own against many strains including photo periods.

    Growth: **** She practically grew her self. Nice uniform structure. Nice fat flowers with very little popcorn buds.

    Smell: ***** Highly intoxicating!! This is one you want to get that second whiff maybe even a third whiff before you hand the jar back. It's like that once those terpenes start in veg. It was a skunky grapefruit all the way through her life and only got more funky during the cure. It's an amazing terpene profile.

    Smoke: **** She was always smooth. Really smooth. A nice thick smoke that didn't expand the lungs much but let you know it was there. Skunky grapefruit ruled the inhale, the exhale and your taste buds even minutes after your last hit.

    I grew 2/3 seeds I bought. The third one was my fault and never made it. If you are thinking about getting this strain, get it. I will be getting more myself.

    Here she is if you want to see her grow up. There is a ton of pics in there.


    Thanks for reading. This is my personal experience with this strain. Your experience may differ.

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