Pink Grapefruit via Dope Seeds Smoke Report

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Dec 13, 2012
SeedBank Name:

Dope Seeds* Test grow

Strain Name: Auto Pink Grapefruit

Link to journal

2014-09-04 001 035.jpg
2014-09-04 001 036.jpg
2014-09-04 001 034.jpg
2014-09-04 001 032.jpg

Did it autoflower?: Yes

Soil/hydro: Soil

Description: Happy Frog, and Ocean Forest wth organics

Nutes: in the soil

Description Amended with Lime, epsoms, worm castings. Marine Cuisine

Light (kind and schedule): Outdoors

Description Greenhouse grown

From seed to harvest date: 84 days

Dry Yield: 91 g. (two plants)

High/Effect Duration: Long

Description: 2 & 1/2 hours

In-depth: Heady, heavy smoke, stoned after a long period so a creeper, great for pain.

For the taste, we found it more spicy/minty than fruity.

This is a great strain for me. I was expecting more growth, but who knows of any variables I might of had going on.

RATE SCALE: * bad to **** good


Description: Nice dark reddish brown color, very appealing.


Description- It was good, but not to the suggested numbers

THE SMELL: *****

Description- It was a bit spicy/minty


Description- Thick heavy smoke, not alot of smell

THE HIGH: ****

Description Very High, then stoned after an hour or so.

bye for now

Eek N Root
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Sep 17, 2013
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