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Pistils on cotyledons (mutant seedling Sour Livers)


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Apr 26, 2018
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Hey guys, hope you are all doing well wherever you are.

I wanted to share with you my tiny siamese mutant. She showed pistils right after the cotyledons showed off. Never seen this. Plus she has a siamese attached on her shoulder. I will let her grow and eventually keep you updated. Hope you will see some because I haven't the best camera.

She is alive since the 22nd august. She's really small (the rockwool was a little saturated + I was maybe too generous with my nutes drops) but since yesterday she bulked up. Tiny pretty specimen :) I've planted few days ago a Fugue state for my mental health, curious how she will taste.

The Sour Livers batch (purchased at Mephisto eu) that I had wasn't the best. On 5 seeds 2 where siamese and 2 seeds didn't popped.

I've attached the global picture of my tent, Sour Livers on the left / Fugue State on the right / experience with tomatoes (in Biobizz lightmix) on the back.


Have the best day everyone !
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