Pre-mixing BioBizz nutrients...

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Jul 11, 2019
Hi all. I’ve been using Biobizz grow, bloom & topmax in my AF & PP grow and have noticed something odd happening.

Typically to make PH’ing the blends easily, I’m mixing maybe 3.5l at a time in small transparent containers with a tap at the bottom, this makes EC & PH measurements really easy ‘cause I can decant a small sample into a cup & test.

However, after 24 - 48 hours in the container, I’m noticing that the “veg” mix (Biogrow 1ml/litre) which started at PH 6.4/6.5 is now PH 7.1/7.2 and an oddly disgusting smell has begun to come from it and some white scummy shit has formed. It happens to a lesser extent with the “flower” blend (1ml grow, 4ml bloom & 4ml topmax per litre), but still happens nonetheless.

Has anyone experienced this? are my nutrients “going off”? Could this be related to UV light by any chance?

Opinions welcome! Thanks!


Auto Warrior
Dec 15, 2018
I use just the grow and bloom. I guess i need to check this as i let my mix sit for a day or 2. Have you only checked imemdiately after mixing and 24 hours later? Have you tried an hour after mixing? (I dont get the eeird smell or white stuff after stuff has sat) just havent rechecked ph.

James Walker

Auto Warrior
Jul 18, 2018
I premix my nutes for the week your OK with bloom, heaven, topmax but grow for instance ferments. I pre mix the Bloom, heaven, topmax and PK booster then add the others as I use it (activera, algamic, grow/fish) . Hope that helps.

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