Purple AK-47 strain/smoke report

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Starfuckers, Inc.
Apr 18, 2011
Mossy's Purple AK-47

Did it autoflower?:
Yes, after showing sex at the end of week 4

70% Canna coco
30% Perlite

Hesi's TNT, Root complex, Coco, Supervit, PK 13/14, Powerzyme
Epsom salt

Ph - 5.8-6.0
Min. Temp - 20C lights off
Average temp - 25C
Max temp - 28C
RH - 60-70%

Light (kind and schedule):

Week 1-4 - 18/6 250w CFL

week 4 to the end - 18/6 400w HPS

From seed to harvest date:
91 days

Dry Yield:
They were 2 girls in 1 pot.
Purple pheno - 42 grams
White one - 45 grams

High/Effect Duration (how long did effects last):
Up to 3 hours after 2 months cure.
Med and painkilling effects could last up to 4-5 hours, depend on the amount smoked/vaped.


RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good

Bag Appeal: * to *****
One of the prettiest buds I have ever had.

THE GROWth: * to *****
My 2 girls were in a 11 litters pot. Big pots, big girls - those girls were 90 cm tall. They start slowly and show sex at the end of week 4, beginning of week 5.
It is very important to feed properly from the beginning - 1/4, 1/2 etc. dosage is a NO NO. PAK is hungry and underfeeding her would lead only to issues - mainly yellowing. At the end of week 5 those girls need double dose veg nutes. Vertical growth stops at about end of week 6 and she enters in full bloom at week 7. Mine were chopped at week 13 but they could go for another 2 weeks. So if you don't have at least 3 full months for growing, don't even start PAK.
High leave to flower ratio - you can't even see those enormous buds before serious trimming.
Trichome production is moderate.

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THE SMELL: * to *****
Purple pheno has more floral (Jem-like) smell with a bit of soar but smell is not an issue. White phono is bit stinky (not skunky) but still, nothing that can't be handled even without carbon filter. There is something wild in the smell that reminds of mugwort.

THE SMOKE: * to *****
After good (2 months) cure very pleasant smooth smoke that leaves pungent cinamon/creamy/vanilla taste at exhale when vaping. Smoking a joint leaves more floral taste at your mouth.

THE HiGH: * to *****
It hits after 3-5 minutes - not strong but mellow body stone and you feel rush of energy, sometimes pretty intense thoughts but physical activity refocuses your attention. Buzz is motivating, gets you up, you feel focused and fully functional. In the beginning you don't even realize how you're involved in your daily activities.
After 40 minutes second wave hits you and it's more intensive - that's the moment you realize you're stoned but with clear thoughts, no memory gaps or dumbness. After that you can just relax and follow the head high tripping or if you have something to do, just do it, it would be a pleasant experience. I love doing something in the garden - I feel devoted and pay attention to all small details.
PAK stimulates my creativity.
When listening to music, you feel the music with all your senses.
Unfortunately not a viagra bud.

The only thing I don't like is PAK could intensify unpleasant feelings and moods sometimes if you let it (sativa adverse event).

Med effects
About 10 minutes after smoke/vape I can feel my nerve and rheumatoid pains relieved and I'm ready to start my daily activities. Usually if I start the day with PAK, I need 1 smoke/vape in the morning that lasts up to 5 hours and I don't need another dose. If I have a smoke/vape after launch I'm fine till dinner. After dinner I can keep smoking PAK mixed with something else or switch to another strain.

I have tried different combinations but I love PAK+Stone Dragon during the day and PAK+Russian Dragon evenings.

Haven't noticed appetite stimulating effects yet.

Perfect daytime meds that stimulate your creativity and motivate you to get some job done.
I would highly recommend PAK to med users who seek nerve damage relief with an Uplifting high and who don't want to be couch-locked.

Full grow journal could be found here

Cheers :smokebuds:

And oh, yeah, I did this writing on PAK :smoke:

Red eyed c

LED Section Super Moderator
Apr 16, 2011
Excellent smoke report brother,can't rep ya at the moment I need to spread it mate.:smokebuds: owed +rep


Great report Bud! I enjoyed the pak too but I dont see it for sale anymore?


Auto Warrior
Jul 10, 2012
great report :) top stuff :) really love the purp ! would love to give this a try myself :)


Thanks Stone, that`s a great write-up Fella. Loads of info! :thumbs:...:peace:


Great review, great grow and great buds! :thumbs:

Where did you find the seeds?


Auto Warrior
Apr 22, 2012
they were on automaticseed.com for a while, they're Mossy's genetics...I think he's out of the initial run right now.