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Purple Rolex


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Jun 3, 2018
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I haven't been getting pix of all my plants lately. But here's a comparison from 5 days ago L > R in 3 gallon fabric bags - RBI Purple Rolex day 50, RBI Passion Punch day 50 and a Fastbuds zkittles day 56 that is turning out much squatter than the last two I grew. But from the PP, you can see I'm getting a lot of stretch on some of my plants and not with others so I'm attributing this to phenotypic expression in my case. I could be wrong. Im assuming I'm hitting them hard enough with light because the buds off the last two I harvested are hard and smell great. I'm sure many think it's crazy knowing I would get better yields if I trained my plants and I have in the past but I get more pleasure from their natural growth. I may defloliate a bit here and there and pull a branch out to the edges but that's about it these days. The PP in the middle here is probably 32-33" and I have a Night Owl Wizard's Apprentice that is 11-12 days behind these that's just blowing past them in height. As I was saying before, I just harvested two meph plants and they branched well and stretched more than what I'm used to with just my autocobs. I wouldn't say that the PR here is a midget but it's pretty short and definately spear shaped as you called it. The other PR that I mentioned I couldn't find pix for. May have just not bothered due to disappointment. It was short too. Not quite sure but was also when I was just getting settled in my new place.


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Feb 25, 2020
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Purple Rolex - Same general shape, 1 wasn't purple.
Looking back Roc-it Fuel grow mostly the same and looked the same.
Purple Moon Rocs on the other hand has lots of branches. All Moon Rocs look different but the general structure is the same so far.
I don't usually train plants because I like to see normal growth first. In the old days it was out with the needy.
I personally like SPEAR shaped plants. Super easy to handle and harvest. 21grams per plant though isn't ideal IMOP.

Please everyone post your Purple Rolex pics. Thanks.
Here you go my man! This was my PR at day 42, right before I messed her up. I felt it was shaped like a candelabra. Though I did some LST so the information you are looking for may not be there.