Rainbow Moonstone review and smoke report (edibles)

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Coffee Monster

Sole Survivor
Sep 9, 2016
BREEDER: Autoflower Portal

STRAIN: Rainbow Moonstone


SOIL/HYDRO: Soil based on a custom version of the "Lowes Mix" in the forum

NUTES: Mix of Epsoma and Jobes liquid and granular organic nutes, Recharge, Botanicare Cal Mag and Silica, Alaska Kelp fert, Sensi Bloom A/B, Overdrive, Bud Candy

LIGHT (KIND AND SCHEDULE): Amare Pro 4 at 19/5

LENGTH OF TIME FROM SEED TO HARVEST: about 69 days give or take


RATING OVERALL: four and a half stars

BAG APPEAL: three and a half stars, not the densest nugs and I keep part of the sugar leaves

THE GROWTH: four stars, I stunted her and she produced some quality meds despite my abuse

THE SMELL unrated - I've got diminished nasal abilities so I can just say it smells a little dank to me and I would say this strain requires at least a normal level of odor control

THE SMOKE: unrated - I'm basing my report off of edibles. I normally ingest about all my meds as firecrackers but I've developed a pretty good sense as to how to compare my results to smoking or vaping.

HIGH/EFFECT/DURATION: four and a half stars. Duration was slightly longer then usual. It's a solid introspective stone, a very interesting effect.
Med wise I noted the biggest improvement as a muscle relaxant, pain seemed somewhat diminished.

CONCLUSION: Would I recommend this strain to others? Yes, for sure Will I run it again? definitely.

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