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World Wide RDWC Air Stones / Diffusers What's Your Go to?

Royal T

Auto Warrior
Jun 7, 2019
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Hey guys, I'm curious to hear how many of us are running with similar diffusers / stones.

I'll start, I use these small business made custom diffusers from micro pore tubing. I run standard round 5 gal buckets and the diffusers I get are 9" they look like this and have a standard 1/4" inlet. The stainless steel nuts can be moved around and spaced evenly. They allow the diffuser to sit off the bottom of the bucket.


I have used these for probably 4 to 5 cycles now in an 8 site system. In the early days of getting these I had some phenomenal results including a 5.5' tall Samsquanch OG that pulled a full LB. But I have also had some really dismal results due to inconsistencies in the tubing's porousness from roll to roll, and how quickly they can clog up if you're using a nutrient solution with thick stuff like Green Planet's Massive and liquid weight. I have had limited success cleaning them and generally just end up buying a new set each cycle, but I have yet to try running them with the air pump on in a bath of something like Athena's Clense/UC roots or a DIY version of those.

Bellow is a photo of fore-mentioned Samsquanch OG's root (I pulled it from the guy's Ebay page after I got tired of searching through photos)


While the results have been very good at times, all the inconsistencies really make me question continued use of them. Does anyone else use these or something Similar? I would love to hear your feedback.

I know we will see a lot of general cylinder style stones, and diffuser discs. Anyone using the Current Culture Aqua-Pore diffusers outside of an undercurrent kit? I've always wondered how those things connect to the air lines are they 1/4 on their "quick connect" fittings?

Excited to hear what you guys use!


Urban Farmer
Cultivators Club
Jul 7, 2014
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I use regular 4 inch long air stones from some random seller on Amazon. They work great tbh, I end up buying new ones every grow.