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May 26, 2011
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Hello [HASHTAG]#autoflower[/HASHTAG].net!! And all you [HASHTAG]#CannaZone[/HASHTAG] watchers! Once again, I am humbled and honored to be running a perpetual test grow for [HASHTAG]#CannaZone[/HASHTAG] & [HASHTAG]#RemoNutrients[/HASHTAG] @RemoNutrients! They have been so gracious as to send me 9 x 1 liter bottles of their entire line!

1 x Grow
1 x Bloom
1 x MagNifiCal
1 x AstroFlower
1 x Nature's Candy
2 x Micro
2 x VeloKelp



They threw in a T shirt, 3 x Stickers (I put one of each on my 2 tents lol) a fancy lighter holder and a pamphlet with their schedule on back. Which is exactly what I'm following!

I am a few weeks out from starting a new crop from start with Remo Nutes BUT I have transitioning all my plants from GH Maxi line to all Remo! And they LOVE it so far!! 3 weeks to 7.5 weeks and in between and i can already tell the difference! The Remo has made them thrive! The Npk numbers and formulas I can tell are dialed in superbly! No tip burn... No leaf curl... The micro in with the base i believe will handle the infamous spotting with leds... And so far has! I will get better pics soon. I have 3 different leds between 2 tents but these are my 3 x Sister Discipline and 1 x Critical + under my Roleadro 600W 5W at 3-4 weeks old...



After many yrs of running Advanced Nutrients I can already tell these nutes are not only comparable but will out perform them. I can't wait to show the proof! Thanks again for the privilege!!